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Sunday, 4 July 2021

Cheap at half the price.

This is my bargain, I have been looking for an arch for ages, I saw one on line at a price I liked, but was worried it might be a bit flimsy, so I kept looking a local Facebook selling pages, we all love a bargain. 
I saw this on Sunday morning, I was not 1st to respond, and thought I would miss out on it, but the lady selling sent me her address to go and look. 

I paid my money and was told, these are with it, now I don't need railings, but hubby said bring them home. 
 I had £90 set aside for an arch, I had saved in basket in online site in hope the company might send me an extra discount code, and I was holding back as I felt it was the quality was not great. 

The lady said I was the politest person to respond to her post, and therfore chose me to have 1st look, it's sturdy, a bit bigger than I required, but will work well. Fitting in my i20 was fun, driving home was different, luckily it was just 10 minutes from here.
Hubby decided to put it back together just as we had a few spots of rain, 'it's sunny today, not going to rain' he says, just as the heavens opened and it poured for an hour.

We will place it as soon as we can, I have to net the sides, and then place the fruit pots inside, I will need a net front, but I have a cunning plan. It will look good in the garden, we already have black metal structures.

The railings will be used, 2 will go in the back of the raised bed, I won't use the nice post, I have some plain ones I can use. So I will have 3 post to use around the garden as plant supports. Hubby wants the other 2 railings and the 3 post to use in his front garden.

The arbour and fences were purchased last year, so less than a year old, they don't look brand new, but are not damaged at all. The arbour new price is £120, so I have a great bargain. I am often happy to wait, rather than rushing in, buying 2nd hand works well in our mature garden, I am sat here with a smile, this truly was the last big task in the garden, (I know you don't believe me, I've said it before). 


  1. It looks great and it's always nice to pick up a bargain.

  2. What a bargain Marlene, well done. The thing that we want always turns up at a bargain price in the end.

  3. It is going to be fantastic, such an incredible find.

  4. Quite a bargain.Well done you.

  5. Don't you just love a bargain. I love looking at the selling pages. It looks great, unknown you'll have it planted up in no time.

  6. Wow ! That's a beautiful arbour ! Well done you ! :)



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