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Friday, 23 July 2021

Busy doing nothing.

 I'm not doing much at the moment, it's too hot to do most things, mainly reading,  I have a pile of books to read, I am being given loads of books, which after reading I will pass on. I have done very little crafting, it's even too hot to crochet Molly's cot blanket. 
Whilst sorting my wardrobe, I found this dish, I have had it years, but I've not used it much in recent years. I am thinking of using it in the greenhouse and make a display of succulents and cactus. 
We had new bathroom flooring fitted, our slate tiles had cracked, they were down for 11 years, so no complaints. This is a cushion floor, it has lovely flecks of blue in, much nicer to walk on with bare feet. 
I have put my Maidenhead fern in our upstairs shower room, it's doing much better in here, I almost killed it, my office was too hot for it. 
I have purchased another house plant, hubby is not keen on too many plants inside, so I walk a fine line, this sits in the darker end of our dining room.
My Orchid purchased in late January has started to drop flowers from the middle stem, this plant has bloomed for six months, pure white flowers is a passion of mine. The smaller photo is another Orchid which has new blooms on.

This final photo is a perfect little family, our youngest daughter and SIL, went out for a walk in the woods, locally to where they live, Will enjoyed running around, George loves his new seat, he is facing mummy and next to his sister Molly. 
This week has passed again so quickly, Tuesday we sat outside at a friends house under shade for our get together practicing sign language, after we had a birthday lunch and cake, we sat much longer than normally, it was good to do simple things. Later we took my pile of unwanted clothes to the recycling bins, and back home for a quiet evening together. After reading comments seems I'm not alone in owing too many clothes. I have some drawers I want to sort as well, I'm in the right mood to get rid of stuff. 

Wednesday and Thursday was again at home, nothing to do, sat watching the birds play in the birdbath, and chattering to each other. I did some dead heading, but nothing else, the cucumber and tomatoes in the greenhouse need watering a couple times each day, I have placed water catching mats under most of my seeds and cuttings, which I keep wet in hope not to lose any. We are not outside much and the patio door stays almost closed, the flies and smell coming from next door is terrible, again we have contacted environmental health at our local council, but as always it's up to us to try and live our lives as best we can, once the heat wave is gone, the levels should drop.

Life has not changed much for us, we still wear our mask when in shops, it's very uncomfortable, but I feel we need to do all we can to protect everyone. We have no plans to do much or go far, with the school summer holidays coming, we try and keep away from busy places, preferring to walk locally. 

We have said we are not going to watch the Olympics in Japan this year, I do feel strongly the games should have been cancelled, with so many people in Japan not wanting them in their country at this time, and infection rates rising almost everywhere. 

Everyone has a strong desire for normal life again, but that's a couple years away, even with our high number of double jabs, the rest of the world is so far behind. I don't feel so fearful, but I'm not ready to relax, I'm still not watching too much news, everywhere is opinions and worst scenario outcomes, obviously good news doesn't find news space any more. 


  1. I really don't feel like doing much in this heat either. We're walking during the morning or evening and keeping out of the heat of the day. It's supposedly cooler today, it's still early but it's still so humid, I suppose it will heat up again somewhat as the day goes on. Your bathroom floor looks very nice, we have tiles but I know what you mean about a cushioned floor being nicer to walk on with bare feet and I think that's the way we'll go when we have new flooring again.

  2. I’m pleased to say during our year in Italy the only clothes I bought were two winter fleeces, 5 euro each on the market, and I have worn several items to destruction. It’s all looking smart and tidy at your place, you are on a roll.

  3. It's nice to have a stack of books ready to choose from isn't it? We have cushion vinyl flooring in our shower room, bathroom and kitchen. We had tiles in the old house, much prefer the vinyl, it's much warmer underfoot. I had a maidenhair fern which I put in the bathroom but it didn't like it there, I had to cut it down to nothing and very nearly threw it away but thought I'd see if it would come back, and it did! It now lives on the back bedroom window which gets the sun in the morning and is doing great, so far.



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