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Tuesday, 20 July 2021


I was truly fed up having so many clothes in my side of our wardrobe, moving things around, which whilst in good quality and they fit me, I was not wearing. 
I have spent very little money on clothes in the past 3 years, £563.20 in total, including a new coat, which I am very pleased about, I fell off the merry go round, of buying clothes because I see it and like it. I last sorted my wardrobe when I stopped working back in 2017, removing loads of working style clothes, keeping just the nicer bits, but I don't wear many of them still.
This huge pile, will be taken to the Salvation Army bins in the village, nothing wrong with any of them, I just prefer to fill their bins, rather than take to charity shops. My shelves look better without these items. 
These 4 items are almost new, only worn each a couple of times, all good brands, so I will try and sell locally. 
These items have been worn, but still look good, I just never wear them anymore, and they take up too much hanging space. Again some nice brands here. 
My wardrobe now has plenty of space, my clothes are not crammed in and getting creased. I still have my favourite clothes, but I have been ruthless and I feel better for it. I still won't need to purchase any clothes for ages. 
I feel do much better for having a sort out, I still have too many clothes, but I am wearing most of what I own. I dread to think on how much money I spent on clothes which I have not worn enough, and now will never want to wear again. I have never been a fan of cheap clothes, I prefer to purchase good quality, and at the same time I dislike tatty clothes. 

For years we lived close to town, and when bored at home we popped out shopping and to have lunch. Our weekend sport and exercise was to shop in town centre, out of town places, garden centres, anywhere to make us feel good. These days we are much happier staying at home or walking locally near our village, keeping my purse in my bag and our money in our bank account. 

I'm going to say it, just too hot outside to do anything, the evening and night temperatures are still really high. 


  1. I hate clothes shopping so I only buy what I need and know I'll wear. It does feel good to have a clear out and make some extra space.

  2. It always makes me feel good when I have a sort out too. I don't buy many clothes at all and mostly wear jeans and T shirts in the cooler weather and shorts and t shirts now it's so hot. It's far too hot for me at the moment, Marlene, and we seem to be spending most of our time indoors with the fan on. Our garden and french doors are south facing so we are getting far too much of the strange yellow ball in the sky! I'm lucky that my bedroom is on the north side although, having said that, it's still been too hot at night to do anything more than sleep on top of the bedclothes. Looking forward to cooler weather at the weekend.

  3. Yes I need another clothes clearout, I seem to have accumulated too many again and my t-shirt drawers, in particular, are getting hard to close. Although I will take some clothes to the caravan and leave them there.

  4. I'm due a colossal clothing clear out too. I dont really buy much full price clothing, preferring to buy good quality in the sale or if I see something of good quality in a charity shop I'll purchase there too. My last purchase was a pair of Seasalt cords, complete with label in Barnardo's for £3! Still I've got a build up though, hanging onto stuff purely as I like it, but still never worn!!

  5. I'm like Jo, I hate clothes shopping, and wearing EMS uniforms for years made my wardrobe easier to clean out when we moved in the spring. I still kept my 20-year-old L.L. Bean dresses, which everyone has seen me in at holidays for years. I hope they never get ragged, they were the last style I really liked!

  6. I,m working on it . . . sigh . Well done you though..it all looks very tidy ! :)



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