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Sunday, 25 July 2021

Last Weekend of July.

My agapanthus are looking lovely, these are my original plant, I have 2 other clumps in our garden, both taken from this plant, its getting big again, after flowering I will dig some up and transplant to another spot in the garden. Plants for free are always very special. 

This was a rose stem which broke off the mother plant, I did my usual thing and stuck it in compost and luckily for me this one has grown and I have my 1st flower. I am surprised its a yellow flower, I had been expecting a cream rose, this cutting came from a different bush, sadly I have nowhere to plant this in my garden, so it will be a gift, not sure who to give it to. 
The blooms in my raised bed, daisies, poppies and corn flowers have all given flowers some are on their 2nd show, I am hoping next year they all flower at the same time. I have climbers behind which have been cut back and my sweet peas are in the other end of this raised bed. 

I finished Lethal White, I have enjoyed reading these books, over 2000 pages, this last book had already been shown on TV, I still enjoyed the book, even though I already knew the ending, there was far more detail in the book, this being my 31st book this year. 
I saw this online and its how I feel at the moment, its not enough we have stopped purchasing things just because they are for sale and we like them, I now need to declutter my life. When we moved here 12 years ago, I had a huge sort out, but the need for less is again ruling my thoughts. 
I'm having a productive time, Friday morning I wanted to do some housework, but instead of my normal clean in the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom, I did a full clean, even wiping the kitchen cabinet tops, all the tiles got a clean, it felt good to get everything sparkling again. I then cleaned the sitting room, office and spare bedroom. Saturday I cleaned our bedroom and shower room, I normally plan such cleaning, but I just got up and decided to get things done, I usually have to work myself up to doing cabinet tops. I also cleared out my 3 bedroom drawers, mainly underwear, which I do keep tidy. My makeup and cheap jewellery had a good sort and again I got rid of loads. My junk drawer in office is tidy. I also spoke to local junior school, I have a box of crafting things, mainly card making, loads of stamps, which I've not used for ages, so now I have space in my office. So much sorting, which I normally do in springtime, having less is so much better, I did start thinking about some of the lovely clothes I donated earlier in the week, got a bit sad, but they are gone, I didn't wear them. 

I was up in the early hours of Saturday morning, the thunder storm was loud and overhead, both cats were unhappy, Grace came running to me, she sat on my lap for a while, I moved their baskets away from the patio doors into a darker part of the room. Most of the  morning was dull and muggy, later we had another warm sunny day, the heavy rain over night did not do much damage in the garden, I had moved a few pots into the greenhouse, and I have been adding support to the plants in the past few weeks, nothing to do outside, it's looking lovely. 

George came for a sleep over, Will was sleeping over and Grandma and Grandpa's, so we asked to have George again, mummy and daddy had a quiet time together, Molly sleeps most of the day and night. They had a family and new baby photo shoot on Friday, so we will have family photo's soon. This morning is playtime with George, it's an early start, later mummy will collect him, then a quiet afternoon at home, alot depends on if we get the rain which is threatening.


  1. Just reading about your cleaning makes me tired!

    I tried reading the 1st Strike book and gave up but loved the TV series. Waiting for the next one.

  2. It does feel good to have a sort out and spring clean, no matter what time of year. No rain at all here yet, it's cooled down a bit this weekend but it's due to warm up again tomorrow, we'll see.

  3. Like Jo said, it does feel good to have a clear out. I have lots of clothes that I only used to wear to work, I'm reluctant to donate or sell them at the moment, but I suppose I should as I don't wear them now. Me and hubby go through the whole house and clean on a Sunday so that during the week it's only a matter of keeping on top of things, I usually tackle a few jobs that are not on the Sunday cleaning rota in the week, it works for me. We were promised heavy rain on Saturday and today but we've had none at all, thank goodness it's cooled down though, I didn't like that extreme heat we had last week.

  4. What a thought the last weekend of July!
    The year does seem to be passing by quickly.

    Lovely flowers in your garden, nice to see your photographs.

    All the best Jan



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