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Tuesday 13 July 2021

Back to normal.

 I have ordered more yarn, this is 100% cotton, to make a cot blanket for Molly, I am so excited to be using shades of red and pink, I will crochet a granny square.

These are the blankets I made for Will and George, daughter asked me to make these as she remembers the blanket my mum made her, sadly she does not have it any more. At some point I will have to teach her to make these simple blankets, as she really wants to follow in this tradition and make for her grandchildren in years to come. 
This image is a pure joy, George getting used to his baby sister, Molly, we had no way of preparing George for her arrival, unlike Will who was involved all through her pregnancy and excited to have a new baby. George was scared of her cry and was not happy to be close to her, but at just two days old he is getting closer. 
I stayed with my daughter for a couple of days, just whilst they caught up with sleep and ensuring both boys were happy, Saturday, Grandpa, Grandma and Grancha (hubby) all visited together on daughters wishes, we had fish and chips for lunch, and a perfect family day, loads of giggles, all 3 children had loads of cuddles, mummy and daddy also had a restful day. 

Sunday was a slow start, Will went off with Grandma for a play day, mummy and daddy took George and Molly out to shop for pink things, I stayed behind and did a quick clean of the house, it did not take long as daughter keeps a nice clean house, and then back home for a quiet restful day, I did get a walk around our garden, everything is looking good. I caught the men's final at tennis, I missed so many matches this year, later still we sat and watched the England v Italy match, we are not football lovers, but have both enjoyed watch this England team play. It was the saddest moment to watch the penalty shoot at the end. 

Monday was a day at home, we stayed away from daughter and SIL, they need time together so make routines and bond as a family, it was preschool for Will, George is not too well so he stayed home, It was dull all day, I did manage an hour in the garden, popping stakes where needed and covering my mint to keep the rain out. Harvesting blackcurrants, salad leaves and cucumbers. The afternoon was spent reading, I do love to snuggle down on wet days with a book, and boy did it rain. 

Today I have sign class this morning, later we have no plans, I am waiting for some net to arrive so I can cover my fruit arbour, the birds are fed close by so my fruit needs protection, I do already have a net, but it looks scruffy, and I don't like it. 


  1. It's been a busy time for you with the new arrival and I'm sure you'll be continuing to help out, as you usually do, though there'll be three of them to wear you out now, haha. It will make a lovely change to be crocheting with pink and girly colours after eight grandsons.

  2. Awww I do like the photograph of George with Molly, it's lovely.

    All the best Jan



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