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Friday 9 July 2021

Still waiting.

I have finished this huge book and enjoyed every word, J K Rowling's does produce a great story, even if she writes under a different name, easy to follow, but with twists and dead ends. Hubby is going to read it next, after that I have a few friends asking to borrow it. Huge book over 1000 pages, this being my 29th book read this year, I am well behind last years reading. 
I have not read Career of Evil or Lethal White, hubby has got both books 2nd hand off Amazon, they should arrive in the next couple of days. I have loads of other books to read, but I think I will wait for these to arrive. I will be reading them out of order, but each book is a stand alone story, which does not refer back in any meaningful way. 
We had both Will and George on Tuesday as daughter had hospital appointment, daughter stayed for a while after, but was very tired, her due date was Monday. Sign language get together went well, I was happy to remember so many simple signs. 

Wednesday we had George for the morning, whilst Will had his swimming lesson, after we walked to village for lunch, Will chose to spend time with us, later hubby took him to a motorbike garage, they came back happy. Will starts school in September having time together will become harder, mummy did visit his school last week for the 1st time, only under an hour, but Will had 1 to 1 with his teacher and a tour of his section of the school, thanks to Covid 19, that's all they are allowed this year, he came back happy and excited, luckily he has a few friends in the same class.

Thursday it was just the 2 of us, so we decided to pop into town, then on to daughters, she had another midwife appointment, so we played with George, Will was at preschool. Town was very quiet, hardly any people, it was warm and uncomfortable wearing my mask, but I do feel happier seeing mask still being worn. Shopping has definitely lost much of the fun, we did stop for coffee in our favourite cafe, again it used to always be full often queueing for tables, but it was empty. 

Today hubby is away and not home until this evening, Will and I have planned a play day and sleepover, he wants to make pizza for tea and also bake some chocolate brownies. 

I am not doing any crafting, I have my cross stitch to make into cushions, but I'm not in the correct frame of mind, the anticipation of a new baby keeps my mind busy. There is always something to do in the garden and greenhouse so I'm not bored. 


  1. You haven't got much longer to wait now, I'm sure the new baby will put in an appearance soon. It's going to be all change with a new baby and Will starting school.

  2. Hope baby arrives soon - horrible to wait for ages after due date ( I just about remember from 1980!)
    As that book is over 1000 pages they will have to make it into a Very Long TV series - I shall look forward to that.

  3. Good luck for a safe arrival of the little one...I had no idea J.K.R. wrote under a different name also. x



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