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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Get a head

Another one, say hello to this lovely pot, it did have a candle inside, but we melted it out and reused the wax, the bottom does not have a hole in so I will use it for succulents. I've not named him yet, but I do love his profile. 
For my birthday last November, daughter got me this lovely pot, I am having another go at growing Hyacinth, we do not have a airing cupboard in this house, so I find it difficult to start these and get the growth to a decent height. Sadly this is another fail, the tall bulb at the back only have leaves and the front bulbs if they flower will not grow any higher.  I won't try growing them again. 
This Orchid blooms are opening up much quicker than others I have grown, they do look good in our sitting room, I always enjoy these stunning delicate blooms. 
The body of my jumper is done, I spend hours knitting each day, I would rather be in the garden, but it's just too wet, each section is 40 rows deep, plus the rib at the neck and bottom, just 3 colours no used in my previous jumper.

I am going for my fastest knit ever, I'm still not sure if I have enough navy yarn, I am going to knit the block on 1st sleeve, and then swap to block on 2nd sleeve, followed by the colour change stripes, by that point I should know if I have enough navy yarn, if I need more yarn, I can add in the stripes and not get an issue with colour match. I have some yarn ready to start a pair of bright socks for hubby, he has been wearing his handmade socks and is now a convert to them, something to do if I have to wait for yarn to arrive. 

I have popped Parsley and Coriander seeds into my new pots, watered and covered with a clear plastic bag, hoping for growth soon, they are both in the office but will end up in the kitchen. 

I am in my greenhouse more, I have a few spring plants which I am hoping to plant in the week, the weather will be dry and warm which will help settle them into the ground. Every part of me is itching for the garden to wake up, we do have spring flowers around, giving pockets of colour, but I can't wait to see the bright colours of summer flowers. I have one job to sort, the back corner of my shed is very wet, I have moved everything away from the area in hope the air will help dry things out, I purchased it back in 2014 and this is the 1st time the wet has been inside, it is tucked back into the corner, so we can't get to the outside, I have everything crossed it can be sorted. 


  1. I buy my hyacinths already potted up and never have any problems with them, I don't think I've ever potted them up myself, they're cheap enough in the shops when they're well established. Your jumper will be finished in no time, I think it's a good idea to knit both blocks on the sleeves and see what yarn you have left, it can be nerve wracking playing yarn chicken.

  2. I like that pot, very unusual. Your jumper is looking good.

  3. I've had two lots of hyacinths but both from supermarkets, i've never tried to grow any.
    You'll have you jumper done in no time, that was very quick.

  4. I do like that pot ...

    All the best Jan



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