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Saturday, 30 January 2021

January round-up

 have not spent much money on crafts, just a knitting pattern and a ball of brightly coloured yarn and a set of needles, and a few bulbs and roots for the garden changes, I am trying to be sensible this early in the year. I did spend £7 on an Orchid, it will flower for months, my plastic tulips are out again giving colour to our room, I plan this year to not purchase any cut flowers. My Amaryllis are both going over, I am going to try and get them to flower again later this year. 

I did say I needed new jumpers, and I didn't want to pay full price, I got 4 jumpers and some socks for £56 from M&S, which was a bargain, I also got an email from Clarks outlet offering me extra discount, and spent £27.35 on trainers, which are light and comfortable, both on free delivery. I've spent loads, but got great bargains, I am being bombarded with emails which I am not opening, I don't need anything else. I have not purchased any books so far, the library is keeping me going. 

All our Christmas foods are finished, I purchased so much less than normal, not popping to the shops cut back on what I got, and it's much better for us, we both have put on weight, but that's due to not being able to get out and walk. February is the month to get back on track, get out and cut back on treats. 

My computer cost £120 to fix, more new parts, but 🤞🤞it's like new now, our dimmer switch failed in the dining room and the under cabinet lights in the kitchen as well, all has been renewed. Not the cheapest start to the year. We also purchased a 2nd Alexa, but we are finding them useful. We have ordered new lights for our main rooms, hubby has been itching to change them for ages. 

We are back in lockdown, so shopping is different, our large shop from Asda is full of plastic wrappings, but life is what it is in these times, I had not been shopping locally, we did try a delivery from our local Iceland, not good quality. As the month is closing we are again walking to the village for fresh items. The heating is on more, it's really cold at the moment, and we do have a clothes airer in the spare bedroom drying laundry, but keeping the house warm at a good price is always a struggle. 


  1. I have three Alexa thingies in my bungalow. They can phone various people (via my mobile phone) so I have then as an alarm system in case I fall.

  2. It may no be the cheapest start to the year but they were all necessary and will last a fair while. I have been airing stuff on days it can't go out then finishing in the dryer which saves on ironing a lot of the time. Its been lovely having a few mild days recently, its really lifted my spirits.

  3. We tried Iceland but like you we were not impressed. Our Co-op delivers within 2 hours and only charges £1.99. Just had a delivery and will use again.
    Problem with Asda is that I have to spend £40 or over and sometimes I don't want that much.

  4. I've never done an online food shop and I can't see that changing at all, I like to see what I'm buying. It's a shame you weren't impressed with Iceland as they seem to have some good deals. It's a shop we use from time to time for odd things but we never buy much from there.

  5. Emails seem to be a new form of advertising - I get plenty of them as well and delete most of them without looking. I am glad you have the means to keep yourselves warm, it is so important to your health to be warm and comfortable. Take care, Mxx

  6. I'm another not impressed with Iceland and as you rightly say the quality is not the best. I pay a monthly fee to Tesco and although it used to be called an "anytime saver" I now have to book delivery slots well in advance but am pleased with what we get and when we get it. We manage perfectly well without having to visit any supermarkets.
    I imagine many people will have big heating bills this winter with spending so much time at home keeping warm and drying clothes.

  7. Eventually I want to set up my Google Hub to turn off and on my lights. Just need the correct bulbs and Kris to help me get it set up properly.

    Our restrictions are becoming a bit harder for some people to follow. While we also like to travel, we are following our governments orders and staying close to home. However some people are now upset that they are going to be under tougher regulations if they do travel. I say just stay home like you have been asked and you won't have to worry about it.

    God bless.



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