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Friday 11 May 2018

The G word

Seating area outside the house, these photo's were taken about 3ish, when the sun is coming around the house, making this a perfect place to sit in the evenings. As this area becomes a sun trap, the garage throws a shadow on the back part of our lawn. 
Looking down the garden
I love all the different shades of green
 Along the back fence
Everything in the garden is good, in the sunshine it's great to sit and watch these spaces.
Mainly inside the greenhouse, loads of new growth, strawberries on my plant, a dead cucumber, not sure what I did to it, bottom left my lettuce seeds grown on tea bags, now doing well in the raised bed. The Chamomile Noble was just one pot, which I separated the plants in hope they grow and spread together, this is for a project later this month.  
All of the above makes me so very happy, finally I have time to enjoy everything, we are already eating lettuce, waiting for the tomatoes to form and grow, same with all the fruit bushes.
Now we have moved the white table and chairs onto the decking, our Christmas tree was moved, but it was pot bound, so I put a call out on our local Facebook page and it is now in a local large garden, planted in the ground with space to grow. I already have plans for the pot.
I am always pleased and amazed how much I have growing in our tiny garden, having the fruit pots along the neighbours fence on the decking, in the sunniest spot, makes good use of this area, plus along the fence, I have a herb garden one side of the tree (this was once part of the decking) and a raspberry patch and strawberries in tubs in front on the other side of the tree. I have success with growing strawberries this way, the fruit hang down the side  without touching the ground, so there are less lost to bugs munching on them. The whole of the sunny side is full with fruit and herbs.
Last night I did some more french knot's, I am pleased the first fruit is looking good. I am spending all my time outside, so crafting time is now very low.
Today hubby is away in London, so I have most of the day and evening alone, I have few plans, a quick trip to a good garden center for a new cucumber plant, nothing else required, but extra purchases may be made.
Tomorrow we are having Will, mummy and daddy are working on their back garden, they are in the process of updating it from a patch of grass into a toddler friendly outside space.
If you are still here and reading this, please tell me what books you are reading, I need inspiration, I have a book tab at the top of my blog, showing what I have already read, I love anything except horror. I did pop to our local library, but they had a couple of noisy clubs happening, and I could not find a book.


  1. Your garden looks absolutely lovely, Marlene. I'm so looking forward to sitting in my sunny front garden in a month or so when all my new perennials are flowering, they're already putting on lots of new growth.

    As for books, I like thrillers and murder mysteries. I'm currently working my way through the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffrey Deaver, there are 14 (I think). I got them all 2nd hand from Amazon or charity shops, I'm currently on No. 6 in the series.

  2. You've created such a wonderful space to sit out and enjoy when the weather allows. I'm reading Agatha Christie at the moment but I'd recommend a Charity Norman book, try See You In September, I think you'd enjoy that.

  3. It all looks very lovely Marlene I love watching the plants form from seed and become the food on out table. I am picking lettuce at the moment and spinach. I need to spend a few hours in the garden later to plant the beetroot, kale and cabbage seedlings.

  4. I'm glad you are getting to enjoy all your hard work in the garden, It looks lovely. I don't have any fruit or veg growing, I've never had success with tomatoes so won't try again this year. We did have raspberry bushes at our old house and It used to keep us in fruit for the whole year near enough, I do miss that.
    My reading has slowed up this month but someone at work gave me The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine this week, I haven't started it yet but it has good reviews on Goodreads.
    Have a good weekend

  5. You are so organised and tidy - I am a little envious :)

  6. I have just finished reading The Shadow of the Hangman by Edward Marston its the first in the Bow Street Rivals series I would be more than happy to forward it to you if you haven't already read this one.

  7. Your garden is looking lovely. Thanks for taking the time to post the photos. One book my reading group read recently was The Gustav Sonata. A very well written and beautiful book.



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