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Saturday, 5 May 2018

An unnecessary dig

This was hard work
 At least we found where the rats are coming in
 Hubby putting layers of chicken wire
 All the soil we removed 
 More plants
We know we have stopped the rats entering my raised bed, each time they make tunnels they throw my compost everywhere, and I can't keep replacing expensive compost. Hubby was a wonder, he helped dig out the whole bed, and then did the necessary to stop the rats coming back, three layers of chicken wire all attached to the frame, plus loads of concrete blocks (from a neighbours skip) and then refilled the bed.  I had planned to refill the bed today, but it was great to get all the hard work done yesterday.
We know they will come in else where, but there are now only a few places they can dig under, and our cat Purdy will let us know where any come through. This could be resolved if the woman next door would allow traps in her garden, we know they are coming into our garden from her's, but are not able to track them back to their nest.
Last night we had the most amazing shower, and then resting together and an early night.
Later this morning I will replant the raised bed, I did not do it yesterday as I wanted the compost to settle, I have had an early walk around the garden and everything is looking OK. The back area needs a good clean, there is compost every where.
Our plans for this afternoon - nothing, lazy in the sunshine - hope your afternoon is restful as well.


  1. I hope that's solved the issue for you. It's a problem when you've got uncooperative neighbours who won't help when there's an issue, if you knew where they were nesting you'd be able to do something about it. Hope you enjoy the sunshine today, Mick's got a cricket match so I intend to have a lazy day on my own.

  2. We had a problem for a short while when our neighbours demolished their chicken house. The rats started looking for new homes. They also went looking for the left over chicken feed in a shed that was nearer to our house. We didn't buy humane traps because they were wise to then, plus it was breeding season and we wanted the problem gone before there were more.

  3. We had a rat issue late lat year, luckily all our neighbours joined forces with us to set traps and within a few weeks we were rat free. A small patch of unclaimed land was full of nests but now it has been cleared of undergrowth and we all found some plants to pop in and we have a little garden. A local beekeeper has put a hive in there so I can here the bees every day.

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  4. Pam what a lovely perfect solution, luck you

  5. Oh, rats. *shudder* I've never seen one here and if I did would probably pass out. You are a stronger woman than I! The worst we have digging in our veg beds are cats thank goodness.

  6. What a shame the next door neighbour is not more approachable and helpful.
    Fingers crossed they stay away after all your hard work.



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