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Tuesday 29 May 2018


I have never grown an air plant before
 I was given the glass house as a Christmas present and nothing looked good in it, the small broken pot I already had, and I have rested the plant on top. It does look pretty. 
 This is my desk, these nasties are kept away from our grand sons,
 My huge spider plant with babies, 
I have just turned it as it was leaning towards the light.
 Always have a white Orchid, I've had this for three months. 
 I purchased these Sweet Williams,
 I have some in my garden, but they are still small
Apparently house plants are back in fashion, I have noticed there are more selection these days. I have house plants in most of my rooms, I do love to see something growing, and enjoy the nourishing of each one.
I got the plants into the garden yesterday, later we had a sharp storm, so the ground is now wet, I have potted on some trailing lobelia and daises, they will be ready in a few weeks and fill any gaps in the front of my beds. I put bark along my side garden, which now looks good, I hope we have stopped the animals digging there, just the back small garden to sort.
I have been thinking regarding my garden, I don't have room for much more, which is hard as I love to grow, so I have decided to use my greenhouse for cacti and succulents,  both of which I like to grow,  it will be a safe place for them from the grand sons. I hope to grow my collection and have bigger plants. I will keep going with seeds and pips, I do like the challenge of them.
Today sign class is only 5 people, so every one is coming to my house, just a change of location in the hope we will have different things to have a conversation about.
Hubby is driving to Brighton on a mercy dash, we had a phone call from my younger brother, who is on a ferry from France, with loads of biker friends. One bike has a snapped clutch cable, after a few phone calls, hubby has located a replacement in Brighton. The ferry docks later today, hubby will take tools to the terminal, where they will make the repairs, we are not sure if brother will stay with us for a couple of days as planned or ride with his mate to ensure he gets home OK.  Never a dull moment here.


  1. My middle daughter asked for one of those terrariums for Christmas, she has some lights in hers and it does look quite pretty. My grandson loves cactus plants and has quite a good collection now. I've had a vase of Sweet Williams on my coffee table for about a week now, they have lasted really well, I love all the different colours.
    Spider plants have had a bit of a revival recently, my sister bought me one and it's done really well, it needs re-potting now, another job to add to the list.
    Have a good day.

  2. I do love cacti and succulents, there seems to be lots around at the moment, it is nice to see plants around the house xx

  3. I saw a programme on the TV about house plants being more popular in recent times and the benefits to your health from having them...there is always something we are being told we must have!



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