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Friday 18 May 2018

Sea of red

We visited Fort Nelson, just 10 mins drive from our house to see the Poppy Wave, the display is here until mid June, it's only a small part of the display from the Tower of London. The above photo's are just some of those I took, it is a stunning display.
We often visit here with our grandsons, who love all the guns and also the tunnels, it's a good rainy day out, as most of the site is under cover. There is no entry fee, but we always give a donation on the way out, it's so very interesting here on many different levels.


  1. How lovely that you got to see it, it's such a wonderful display. I missed it when it came to Yorkshire.

  2. It’s beautiful. Like those that were at the tower?

  3. These displays are beautiful and very thought provoking. The one we had on The Hoe was amazing too just as this one is.

  4. That is just stunning. X



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