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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Growing things

I forgot to post a photo of these last week when I completed the orange, at the time I was not sure what colour to stitch the final berry, purple, green or blue.
I went with the shades of blue, soon be finished, I will then make my bag.
 Sorting through my seeds, 
I found these given to me as a gift brought back from a holiday
 I have also two packs of these
 This small dish had a lemon candle in,
 perfect for these, with loads of growing room. 
My Cacti and succulents are doing well in the greenhouse
so many lovely flowers. 
I have loads of seeds, a nice selection of herbs and loads, yes I mean loads of flower seeds, mostly free with magazines, I have been naughty this month on purchasing garden magazines. I want to try the seeds above, I like to try new things, if I start them now, they can winter the whole year in the greenhouse.
I had an email from Gardeners World (I am still on a discounted subscription from last year) I have won 6 packs of seeds for a cut flower garden, I'm waiting for them to arrive.
We had an enjoyable sign class yesterday, only four of us, so we all sat together and signed, which was good as Shelia could correct any slight hand mistakes.
Hubby was brilliant, he got the correct part to repair the disabled bike, they did the work at the side of a quiet road close to the ferry terminal, the owner of the bike was very pleased, he lives in Scotland and was planning riding home today. My brother Ivan came to visit, he was tired and after a cup of English tea, he rode home, it was sad he did not stay, but I fully understand the need to get home.
It's going to be a slow day, I did not sleep well last night, our room was cool, so I can't blame the heat, but I have very little to do today.


  1. Oh, I grew cactus from seed once. They were so much fun! The little baby plants are adorable but I think I had to transplant them with tweezers?
    I forgot how much fun that was. Now we need to order cactus seeds. Lol.
    And look at the blooms on yours! So pretty.

  2. It's so satisfying to grow things from seed.

    All the best Jan

  3. A lovely selection of things to grow. X

  4. Your cactus do look pretty in their lovely pots.
    Good news the biker was able to head home after his pit stop for repairs.... well done DH.



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