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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Is it me.....

These images are all taken from my Facebook pages, you either love it or hate it. 
I use Facebook to keep in touch with family, siblings, nieces and nephews and old friends, we are now spread around the globe. My facebook account is private so I'm not visible  unless we are friends, of which I only have 62. I do not click on quiz's and other items, I'm not interested on any of the frivolous stuff and adverts, in fact I would love to see them gone, but facebook has a cost to run.  
There is alot of rubbish on my feed,  I see it as a reflection of so our world today

 I follow a money saving group, which often has good offers shown, but I'm not one to rush to the shop for a good deal, often it's something I would not really want, but so often you see people buying to excess as shown in collage below. The flowers are a good deal, but how many bunches do you really need. Do you need three big packs of chocolate and how many lip sticks, even at 50p each.
 Things are so easy and cheap to buy, I often see offers like below, where items are being sold off cheap, purchased and then not used. So many people see a sale sign as a must have. 
I do like the local pages, I got this toy for Will, locally second hand and cheap, plus we often sell small items, or even give things away, I passed on my pot bound Christmas tree, which now is planted in a local garden. 
Often there are thought provocative images and video's.  
This morning my facebook feed was full of foolish people grabbing at bargains, and stocking up, but when is a bargain, a true bargain. Just because you save money on the purchase price, does not make the item a bargain, because if you are buying the item just to save money, that's wrong.
We don't often shop at Asda, but when we do I always check my receipt, just in case there are savings they are going to give back to us, we don't often have money back vouchers, and I don't mind, because if when we shop we are already picking up the items with the best prices, shows we are shopping smart.
In our small village we have 4 second hand (thrift) shops, which I love to pop into, I always take items to the Save the Children shop, and I try and purchase secondhand books, when I can't find books at our local library.
We now occasionally see garage sales, local homes with all the stuff from their garage out for sale, how many people use their garage for the vehicles.
Why do we need so much stuff, we decluttered when we moved here 9 years ago, and over the years got rid of loads, we have stopped buying so much, we are not interested in the latest trend or colour scheme, and we feel much better less time shopping makes more time relaxing together. Not having our house full of stuff (clutter), makes us relaxed, get the theme.
We have been checking our spending again, we have no issues on how much we spend, we worked hard to ensure we have enough income now we do not work. Just checking on what we buy, ensuring we do not fall back into old bad habits.


  1. Facebook isn’t for me but I do use it to pick up local bargains for sale and have joined a local gardening group. It is good for some things.

  2. Im not an avid Facebook user but I do like the local selling groups. I have sold a few things on there.

  3. I've never had a Facebook account so I don't know about the content on there but I agree with you about how people buy things they don't really need just because it's on sale. A bargain isn't a bargain unless it's something you were going to buy anyway.

  4. We have seriously decluttered over the last year. By chance the other day we managed to give my DD and SIL a huge George Foreman grill and two gas bottles for their barbeque. Result!

  5. Facebook for me is were I can be involved with like minded people in specialist groups.



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