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Monday 7 May 2018

Better day in the garden

Tomato plants doing well, both planted in their final place
50p tumbling yellow in greenhouse
Red fruit outside greenhouse door, I forget it's name, with the extra strawberry plants
 The back fence is now clearer, I like it better this way. 
 Path to raised garden all clean and clear
 I planted up my raised bed, a few of the plants are small, but if they don't survive I can replace them, I have more in the greenhouse. I have the old plastic greenhouse door which fits over this bed, which I am using each night. 
 Finally fruit on my gooseberries, this was their last chance, each year the plant has been eaten by sawflies. I could do with the huge pot they are in for our rhubarb, but I will wait until end of season sale to get another huge pot. 
I moved our blackcurrant bush onto our decking, with my other fruits, I was concerned the birds might have a feast later when the berries are ripe, we feed the birds at the back of the garden, plus a cheeky squirrel is often at the peanuts. But they don't often come onto the decking. 
 I have French Marigolds in my new planter, these are growing nicely. 
This is a fruit and veg basket from TK Max, much nicer as a plant stand. 
 Another look at my tulips, these are lasting for ages, 
the pot next to it has 3 box plants, I want to make a low design, 
which will take a bit of time.
Both Saturday and Sunday, I did work in the garden in the mornings, planting as much as I can, I normally do not plant this early in the year, but the fore caste for the next couple of weeks, show nigh time temperatures not dropping too low. Plus some of my pots were looking past their best, I do have spare plants if things go wrong. The only bedding plants I require to purchase is red salvia, I love the flowers, but can't germinate them from seed.
I also tidied my herb bed, the naughty squirrel digs in the 5 pots and can pull out newly planted herbs. I cut strawberry collars to size and popped them around the plant, looks really good and hopefully will stop any digging.
I have sorted a couple of places where Purdy was watching the fence, area's where it looks as if rats can get through, I know I'm not going to be able to stop them, but if we can keep the numbers down.
My last two post were so negative, but as you know I love my garden and enjoy time outside.
Both Saturday and Sunday afternoon's and evenings was spent relaxing outside, Saturday with hubby, and a nice BBQ, Sunday I was home alone, and relaxed in our recliners for ages.
Today we are walking to our local Co-op, after that Will, mummy and daddy back off their holiday are coming to walk to the castle and then later a BBQ, all so very relaxing.
I do hope your long weekend is as much fun.


  1. It sounds like you've had a lovely weekend. The weather has been so good, it does make a difference and allows us to get some outdoor jobs done. Enjoy your day today.

  2. You have certainly made the most of the glorious bank holiday weather.

  3. A lovely potter in the garden is good medicine for lots of ills x

  4. The weather has been lovely here too, it's nice to be able to spend time sitting in the garden and enjoying all the hard work that's put into it.

  5. Your TK Max purchase is lovely, what a great idea.



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