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Tuesday 1 May 2018

April - gone already

My spending again this month is higher than in previous years, but in truth most of the extra spend this year has been on wool, having time to knit is great, but it's not a cheap hobby. 
I am doing cross stitch, but I have so much in my stash I don't need to purchase anything for new projects, it's the same for my cardmaking. 
 The fruits are all doing well, loads of healthy growth, and promise of things to come, I can never grow enough to use other than fruit salads as they ripe, but I am thinking of going to a pick your own farm for fruit for jams.
I have been in the greenhouse today, my bedding plants are all doing well, I won't plant them out until the middle of the month, it's really full in there at the moment, but I just resist planting anything, or moving any of my larger pots, my Olive is really in the way, but I won't risk putting it out too soon.  I have flowers forming every where, the weather keeps my garden holding back, so close, but still I wait.
April went by in record time, it was a very mixed month in every way possible. We did plan a lovely break in our camper van for the couple of scorching days, but the rest of the month has been far too cold and wet. Yesterday on the last day of the month, it was cold windy and wet, which sums up most of the month.
My steps were the best this year so far, avg 7193 per day, I managed a longer cycle with hubby. Plus I hit my goal weight, I did flutter back up but I am now half a pound over where I want to be. So I am classing April as a good month. It's nice to be able to wear more of my clothes again, I am determined not to go up a dress size. I have also decided on what I want my weight to be at the end of May.
We started another saving plan, as we (or do I mean I) are not shopping so much, we are finding we have spare cash each month, and I would rather we tied it up in savings. We have also booked a holiday for later in the year, we will have my birthday (November) in the sun for 11 days.
Our recycling is going well, we have so little one use plastic coming into our house, at this point we can't completely stop it. We do always look for cardboard packaging, but often they have plastic inside. My green lids are working well, we do not use much stretch and seal for foods in the fridge.
I am without youngest daughter and Will this week, they are having a sunny break with Grandma and grandpa, I am loving the photo's of Will playing in the sun.
No sign language class today, we are all going for a pub lunch, it's our tutor's birthday, so a lazy afternoon of chatter.


  1. I love how you keep track of your spending each month.
    Good for you loosing some weight, half of my wardrobe must be clothes that are a little too tight, lol,
    The months are flying by again, we had a lovely sunny day yesterday to see the month out, but like you i haven't put any plants in yet, there is still a chill in the air.
    Have a great May!

  2. April sounds like a very good month for you. The weather hasn't been too bad here, we had a dry weekend so I got my geraniums planted up, the temperature is on the rise again this week so they should be okay. How lovely having a holiday to look forward to, we haven't booked anything for this year, I'm not sure whether we'll have a proper holiday or maybe take some weekends away instead.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss. The weather is so unpredictable at the moment for plants isn’t it?

  4. Fruit plants are looking so healthy, lots of lovely fruit to look forward to.



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