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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sewing bee

I brought these recently from a local garden center, paying more than I normally would, but I do love the prints and the fabric is nice and thick. 
I got the first bag finished,
no lining and french seams so no raw edges inside. 
This is not too deep but nice and wide. 
Very pretty, I use all of the tea towel
A lovely new bag.
Hubby was home late on Friday evening after a day out in London, so before Monty came on TV at eight, I thought I would make this bag, I am getting very quick at cutting out and sewing together. To make french seams is really easy, you put wrong sides together and stitch the seam (totally the opposite of a normal seam), you then turn the bag so the right sides are together and stitch another seam, ensuring your stitching is just past the raw edges, so all raw edges are tucked inside. These are strong neat seams.
I have done a few more french knots on my other project (got a theme going here), nothing on my cross stitch or socks, I'm just too tired in the evenings for either.
It's May and the garden is everything, each moment you put in now, will brings loads of payback through the summer months.


  1. You're getting very professional with your bags, I love this buzzy bee one.

  2. I'm sure they were called machine fell seams when I did them at school. We had to make a nightie and the seams were like yours do no rough edges. Love the bag.

    1. At school we made cotton work bags like envelopes, with no raw edges showing. I love French seams, they are easy to do and look good.

  3. Lovely bags Marlene. You make it sound so easy! Well, I guess it is when you know what you're doing lol.

  4. Love the bee motif on this bag. Great weekend for being out in the garden.

  5. I love French seams. They look so tidy. Wonderful prints!

  6. I spent most of yesterday in the garden, early to bed and up at crack of dawn. I made a couple of blocks for a sampler quilt and finished the top of a lap quilt. Now I am ready for a rest.

  7. Thank for posting the fish guards, I will try those when planting my bulbs for next year :-)
    I love your new bag, the bee motif is lovely, and very popular too at the moment.
    Have a good week

  8. I'd never thought about using tea towels for bags. I sometimes get one or two as presents but I prefer to plain white ones so this use for patterned ones would be great.



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