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Wednesday 16 May 2018

Cute photo post

Will not forgetting his Somerset roots.
At a local garden center play area
Just like Grancha's
My roses are still looking good
 Perfectly formed flowers
Saturday was fun with Will, he is completely happy to be with us, and spent most of the day following hubby, he loves sitting on the big motorbike. We took him to our local park to play and meet loads of dogs, it's important to ensure he is not afraid of dogs.
Sunday we popped to Argos, not a shop we use often, but I got a replacement phone as I dropped mine into water and it was sent of for repair or replacement. We walked to our local pub for a late lunch, which was really good. The pub has changed hands many times in recent year, and it's now has owners who understand good food. The pub is very close to Porchester castle, so after lunch we walked through the grounds, which were fill of families having loads of fun, we walked home the slightly longer route along the shore line, tide was out so we passed loads of walkers.
Monday I had Will for the day, we popped to the park, and he walked home, after his nap, we played outside most of the afternoon. Will loves the garden and walks around it pointing at any flowers. He also loves our wind chimes and gong, which hang from our tree.
Tuesday is sign class in the morning, we enjoyed a lovely lunch together, the group very social, we again had conversation time without words, then afternoon relaxing in our sunny garden.
This morning I am happy, I am still losing weight, enough to hopefully hit my target at the end of the month, I am wearing clothes I could not wear last year, looking into my wardrobe is better than going shopping, I am wearing favorites again.


  1. What a lovely few days. Your roses are beautiful, such a gorgeous colour. Well done on the weight loss.

  2. That looks and sounds like a perfect visit. Congrats on the weight loss, I will be on the scales on Friday but a couple of things worn this week are noticeably looser.

  3. Well done with the weight loss, something i'm struggling with at the moment, i'm dreading sorting out my summer stuff for when we go away!!
    I love yellow roses, yours have opened up lovely.

  4. I've noticed that you often go to sign classes - is this just general interest for you?

    1. I have a neighbour who is deaf, so I go with her, but I have always wanted to learn sign language.

  5. I dropped my brand new phone down the toilet, thank heavens it was clean water. It never worked properly so I ended up with a replacement.



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