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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Stitch, shop and stop

 This is looking good. 
Just two shades of red, the other two will be different colours. 
 I love the added texture
4 Tea towels, I have been looking for a bee print for ages.
I will make these into 4 bags, the material is thick, so I won't need to line them, I will stitch French seams, so no raw edges show. There are two cat designs as younger daughter wants one. These were more expensive than I normally pay.
 These just fell into my basket.
 Lupins from local market
All other plants and seeds from local garden center, I got the two middle plants for my greenhouse to help with bugs inside, I am going to look online ref their care.
 Last summer I purchased a small Passion fruit plant from our local charity shop, potted it on and left it in the greenhouse, now it's found it's permanent place in the Christmas tree pot, down by our back door.   
Finally for Maggie, who like me have problems with squirrels digging in her pots, I got 20 of these from here, they are for ponds made of plastic and can be cut to fit pots. I did a few pots, but in the end I did all of my pots and the squirrel has stopped digging. 


  1. Are those tea towels Asda ones again? I don't often go to Asda but they seem to have some lovely designs. The pond thingummyjigs are such a good idea to add to pots to stop the squirrels from digging.

    1. The tea towels were from a garden centerand cost six pounds each, I don’t normally spend that much, but the designs are nice.

  2. Love the tea towels and I'm looking forwards to seeing their transformation. I absolutely love your Simple Life Manifesto on your side bar.

    1. We both live by these rules and both feel much better for it.

  3. I bought a venus fly trap a couple of weeks ago at aldi' s. It kills SO many bugs it's disturbing:)
    I think both of your plants are native to boggy areas, my venus plant likes to be damp.



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