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Thursday 31 May 2018

May done

My spending is going up, I did say this year I would not make any savings, but so far on my garden I have doubled my normal spend, I have not purchased any wasteful stuff, it's all things helping me make the garden better. I have purchased loads of compost and manure, the soil has needed replenishment, and I have bark to go on top of the beds. The issues with the rats is still costing us money, we have three bait boxes on the go, our neighbours further down the street are also setting out poison, the cost on my list was replacing the plants they dug out. Plus a day out last weekend with my sister is always expensive.
It's been another month where I have not purchased any clothes, I am ignoring any sales and offers, and confident I can go a year without a huge spend on clothes.
My steps have been good again this month, I am pleased, still looking for the 10,000 steps each day, but happy with the progress.
I have missed my weight target for this month by 5lbs, with two bank holidays, a Royal Wedding and a trip home, maybe I was aiming a bit high. no problems I have the same target for the end of June. I am still happy to be wearing clothes which were too tight last year.
So for me May was mixed, but overall I am happy with all of the above. The only thing I am behind is my crafting, but this time of year is all about our garden. I really must get back to knitting my first pair of socks, but it's hard to think of warm things this time of year.

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  1. I often think about how much I would have spent on a day out and remind myself that the purchase for the garden has saved me lots as I can enjoy it every day throughout the season and often beyond into next year.



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