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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


These appeared on my desk at work
 No one has owned up to getting them for me
as you know I love white flowers
lovely healthy plant
 Another book, half price in Tesco
fingers crossed it's a good one. 
The middle diamond is completed
 Strange angle but you can see all of the stars. 
Our party day at work went well, we still had food left over today, hubby's minced pies went down well. Everyone is in great moods, we have loads of people taking their last days off before the end of the year. Tomorrow is the building raffle, their prizes are huge and loads of them, I'm not expecting to win, not that lucky, later we will have our department raffle, not such great prizes but a better chance to win something.
It is just too warm for the time of year, we are all wearing short sleeved tops in the office, typical MOD the heating just belches out heat, nothing to lower the temperature, most days we have a window open. At least it's not raining.
Nothing much doing at home, youngest daughter and other half came for tea last night, a free meal always results in visitors and exchanges of news. At six tonight it's Sam's Nativity, Josh is narrator for part of the time, it's in the church this year, we are both looking forward to going, not sure if we will be able to get photo's. Thursday and Friday are party days at school for them both and then two weeks holiday.
Looking forward to the weekend, Martin my brother is down visiting, so fun time together, no need for shopping in town so a relaxing weekend planned again.


  1. What a pretty plant. Someone is very kind. The stitching is just beautiful. Hope you have a great week-end!

  2. What a nice surprise for you, the sewing is so lovely and hope the book turns out to be a good read.

  3. How lovely for some-one to leave a plant for you, Good luck to Josh with his nativity and good luck with the raffle you never know :-)

  4. You had a lovely surprise, I love cyclamens I have a few indoors and out. Not got a white one though....... must remedy that
    Julie xxxxx

  5. The stitching is wonderful, you really are so productive, that would have taken me years to achieve. The cyclamen looks very healthy as you say, what a lovely surprise.

  6. Mince, or as we call them Mince Meat, pies are my favorite.

    I actually found out that when we move back home there is a church, about 15 minutes up the highway, where the ladies guild makes fresh mince meat. Haven't had that since I was a child. Looking forward to getting some and showing Gene how it is actually supposed to taste. So much better than what comes in a jar :)

  7. Lovely surprise with the plant :) your sewing is lovely - colours go well together. Have a lovely weekend catching up with your brother :)



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