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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Diamonds, are a girls best friend

Mine are the cheap ones
 it's fun to be back on this pattern.
 Friday was Christmas Jumper day at work
Same jumper as last year.
Sam was very cute in his Nativity, he sang well but by the second half he was tired, it was lovely to have the Nativity at 6pm, but Sam is normally in bed by 7pm, so he struggled to keep up with the others, there were a few who looked tired and of course a few who were little buggers. It was lovely to see them all and nothing is more Christmassy than young children singing.  No photo's or video this year a few parents objected. The school will add photo's to their site once any face have been hidden, but not sure if Sam will feature, it's a shame we have Josh's 1st Nativity video.
My brother is down for the weekend, he is staying with his daughter, but we hope to see him this evening, I do love his company, we have a few things to discuss, he has worked his magic and sorted our younger sister out, without the row which was brewing.
Sam will be here later, daddy is taking Josh to see the new Star Wars film, so we can have fun together. So no shopping this weekend, just family time. All Christmas's should be like this.


  1. Love the jumper. Pleased your brother worked his marriage, at least you won't have that hanging over you at Christmas. Shame you couldn't video the play.

  2. I like the jumper too... It's nice that you're having loads of family time through Christmas. Jx

  3. I miss going to watch the school nativity, I loved it when my two were little. It's a shame that parents object to kids being filmed, we haven't got any of our two to watch back. Enjoy your time with your brother.

  4. Love the sewing and like,your jumper - think I need to get one for next year. Glad you enjoyed the nativity - shame about the photos -'I can understand the reasons but it does seem just a little OTT. Have a lovely weekend and catch up with your brother.

  5. Loving the cross stitch - was it a kit?
    Julie xxx



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