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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Saturday fun

Josh decorated the little tree in the garden
it does have coloured lights on as well
it looked lovely last evening.
 We still have colour in the back garden
 These are everywhere
 I got this box set from my birthday money, 
and I have asked for the following two series as hints for Christmas, 
Matt Smith to me was the best Doctor, 
Josh and I can watch them together.
We had both Sam and Josh yesterday afternoon whilst mummy and daddy were both busy, it was loads of fun, I had recorded a programme on the making of the first Star Wars film, which Josh loved. We then watched The Wiggles, not had that DVD on for ages. I was crew for Captain Sam's boat we had adventures all through the sea's inside our living room. It's amazing what you can find on the sea bed of our living room, Sam chatted non stop all afternoon. So hubby and I had a very quiet evening, we watch X Factor and each decided on a different act to win, at this level all three acts are good, it's just the case of who has caught the voters eye, and of course who is watching, a younger audience would vote differently than an older audience.
After another very windy day this morning is bright and calm, we are home most of the day, a friend coming for lunch, I hope to be able to help Win sort her pots later, she has not yet put her bulbs in, so I will get them sorted later today.
I have tomorrow off, it's my last day off of the year, we are contemplating taking the train to Winchester to see the Christmas markets, it would be nice to get the local train and not have to worry about driving and parking. Winchester is a beautiful place but not designed for the car.
We have everything crossed we can get tickets to see Sam's first Nativity, parents have been given theirs and tomorrow the few remaining ones will be handed out, all names went into a hat, so keep everything crossed, We really want to see Sam's 1st Nativity.


  1. It's such a shame that not everyone can fit into a school hall. My fingers are crossed for you.

  2. It's amazing how much colour is still about, one good thing about the mild autumn. I stopped watching Dr Who when Matt Smith took over, I didn't like him. That's one thing about Dr Who, everyone has their own favourite Dr.

  3. I hope your ticket is pulled out for the nativity, Dh and I were lucky enough to get 2 tickets but my granddaughter is poorly this weekend so maybe she wont be at school tomorrow, the tickets will be dropped into school tomorrow morning if she's not and hopefully they will be able to contact someone so they can be used.

  4. So many plants still in bloom. Primroses are out here!

  5. All my cosmos is gone now after the freezing spell we had a few weeks ago, I use to love the school nativity's I hope you get a ticket :-)

  6. Fingers crossed for tickets to see the nativity x

  7. Fingers crossed for the nativity! You can't beat a weekend like that too.

  8. I hope that you managed to make it to Winchester - I think it's one of the nicest Christmas markets. Jx



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