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Monday, 7 December 2015

Stitchy catch up

stitching update
I'm getting excited I am nearing completing this center diamond
 The lower pale lemon was stitched wrong so this evening I have unpicked it
soon I will stitch for an hour. 
Hubby was bored today, so when I got home from work he had put lights in the back garden, we had decided not to bother this year, but he made noises along the lines of not to disappoint Sam.
Sam has already rejected dressing my real tree in the garden with bird food, so I have a couple a strings of beads and stars for him to use tomorrow after school.
Josh is doing a project about families, and I have created a small family tree for him, we will discuss everyone tomorrow, it's nice to help with school projects.
In work we are full on into Christmas, Wednesday is our Christmas lunch, our whole office is eating together. Next week we have Christmas Jumper day, department raffle and secret Santa, which is a party day, loads of party food. Then we have the building raffle, with huge prizes, not that it will matter, I'm not lucky enough to win.
My knee's are still aching from Saturday night, but it is worth it, we had so much fun, we are waiting for the photo's to be published, we had a nice one of us taken. Another earlyish night tonight should see me back to normal, it really does take longer to catch up with missed sleep.
The festive season is really upon us.


  1. That is a lovely bit of stitching. I do hate having to pull out things when I make a mistake.

  2. Love that cross stitching
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. I love this stitching project.
    I cant cope with late nights any more!
    Enjoy the office celebrations.

  4. Your stitching is looking fabulous, I'm hoping to get a new cross stitch kit for Christmas. I hope Santa's been listening.

  5. The stitching is fabulous I thought it was a quilt at first glance xx

  6. Beautiful stitching! Have fun sharing your family history with Josh!

  7. I love the detail and subtle colours of your project. Jx



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