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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing day

Christmas table laid for 4
We had a great meal out on Christmas Eve, and would hope to do it again next year, I was driver and happy to drink coffee all evening, the food was good, we all had different dishes. Loads of laughter and smiles, just six of us, both daughters and their partners, hubby and I. We dropped Su and David back to their place and 4 of us had the rest of the evening at our's. We swapped presents in the evening, both Fliss and Johathan would be with their children so we would not see them. Later, hubby and I watched the recorded final of Master Chef and was pleased Mark won.
Christmas morning was just hubby and I, we prepped veg together and Skyped both of hubby's sons and their families. Su and David after a morning together came for lunch a beautiful turkey meal, I love turkey. We watched films in the afternoon, paying to see 'Inside Out' a funny film. Later Call the Midewife and of course Downton Abbey, a perfect family day. We each had smaller gifts this year, all agreeing to curb the excess of previous years, less chocolates and nibbles, but still loads of fun, and too much food.
All the leftover veg from the serving bowls have this morning been blended and seasoned and made into 'Christmas dinner soup' which we have every boxing day, no waste and a tasty soup for after our walk. It's a lazy day, doing nothing much this morning, later we will do our normal Boxing day walk along the coast at Lee-on-the-Solent, it's dry here. Later cold turkey sandwiches.
We did watch the news this morning, hoping the north west of England would miss the weather storm, no luck there, our feeling are with all the flooded homes and those who at this point live with the fear of flooding. Plus the wild fires in Australia, not every one enjoying a festive season.


  1. You're so right that whilst we're all enjoying the festivities, there's lots of people out there who are struggling. We popped out on Christmas Eve and arrived home to find an ambulance and police van in the street, our elderly neighbour had sadly died. It's hard to lose a member of the family at any time of year but I think it's especially so at a significant time like Christmas. It sounds like you enjoyed the day with your family, we had a lovely time too. We're just chilling today, bliss.

  2. Your table looks so pretty and it sounds like you had a very happy Christmas with your family. We have had weather problems here in the states too. Not where I live but in the Southeast. Tornadoes and at least 14 people died. Now there a wild fires in California.

  3. Your table looks wonderful and your Christmas sounds just perfect.

  4. The weather has been pretty awful, if its not rain its high winds, although the wind yesterday was blowing through without rain helping to dry everything out, I am so glad we are not in the valley, there has been so much flooding down there, the farmers struggling to keep livestock safe and trying to get them to higher ground, many farms have been cut off with the water, unfortunately the plight of the farmers struggle in S.wales dosent make the news, nor the loss of two young lives swept away in raging rivers, I am so looking forward to winter arriving for the ground to freeze, a nip in the air.
    Your christmas sounds lovely very orientated, the soup sound lovely too :-)

  5. Turkey is MY FAVORITE. And I like it better cold than hot. I also like it better on a plain white bread sandwich with some mayonnaise and a slice of cheese . . a true gift of the gods :)

  6. Your table is gorgeous. Did you embroider that tablecloth? X



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