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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Really two days lost

How to lose a couple of days, 16 of the people who attended the lunch on Saturday, have been really ill over Sunday night into Monday, including both hubby and I, Fliss and both boys. Josh was ill in the car on Saturday, we just thought it was travel sickness. On speaking to the pub, who were very helpful and ran through every thing with hubby, (hubby taught food hygiene), we don't think they did anything wrong, it was a clean lovely location, but the bug came from there, it was the only place we all went together. It could have been another customer with the bug, they do travel fast. On the plus side 4lbs lost.
Monday was lost to us all, spent all morning in bed, afternoon reading in my chair, a second day off work, where I had no energy. I am reading I Let you go, Clare Mackintosh, it's brilliant, I have just got to the twist, it's very clever.
Back to work today, but I finished early to collect both boys from their first day back at school, both were very tired, so snuggly time all round, again we will have an early night.
On Monday our neighbour had his four large trees cut down, Conifers not my favourite, but I hate to see trees being cut down. We now have more light into the sitting room, but I would rather see trees.
This is one reason I love December, I love these CD's of Christmas music,
Our tree is up, looking pretty in the corner, Sam spent loads of time checking everything out. We also have a singing Santa on a motorbike which is fun to see out again. I still have a few things to put up inside, but they can wait until tomorrow, the room does look cosy with the lights on, again this year I am using the little sets of battery operated lights in the tea light holders, it's just so safe and they can be tucked in dark corners. We purchased a new set of tree lights, it was 15 years ago Kev's youngest son was caught in a house fire and has serious burns to his arms and body, caused by tree lights in an adapter which overheated, here we take no chances.
I hate the news at the moment, should we bomb more people, will it change anything, are we adding extra risk to the country, but doing nothing won't resolve anything, oh I wish I had a magic wand, just one wish, peace everywhere, that in it's self would solve so many other issues.


  1. Sorry to hear you were all so ill Marlene, what a disappointing end to a lovely family meal.

  2. get well wishes, what a dreadful experience for you all.

  3. Sorry about the illness and the trees. Hope everyone is feeling better now.

  4. Hope you are feeling better
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Hope you're feeling better now, it does put a bit of a dampner on the weekend when so many people were ill afterwards. Glad you're enjoying the book. I couldn't believe the twist, I was wondering if I'd missed something earlier in the book. We haven't got our tree up yet, we never put it up early, I think it will go up next weekend.

  6. Oh Marlene I'm so sorry you've all been ill - there is nothing worse and it makes you feel so grotty afterwards. Flat Coke or Pepsi works!! Hard to believe but apparently that's how Pepsi got its name - peptic!!!! Sorry about the trees. It always seems so bare when that happens. I remember when our neighbours did it a couple of years ago! You're ahead of me with the Xmas decorations and tree - we are still decorating the lounge (hopefully finished this weekend). Have a lovely weekend

  7. Sorry to hear you were all so ill, I hope everyone has recovered now x



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