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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

No soggy bottoms

Hubby finished his baking today
supermarket shop is done
We have the food we require
 In the garden again
buds on the Magnolia tree
 Plus more flowers

It's been a busy week but filled with nice things. On Monday we all met up at a local out of town shopping center, loads of easy free parking. I took both daughters to Pandora and got them to choose a gift, it's a reminder of my brother who passed away late summer, when the girls were young he would come and visit and play games with them, he was also great as a babysitter. One had earings and the other a ring, I did think they would get charms for their bracelets, hubby has tried to get me to have a bracelet, but they are not my style.
We sat all 10 of us in a coffee shop for over an hour, chatting, Sam was very amusing, he was captain of a rocket, and we had to put on our space suits and seat belts.
Yesterday was a quiet night in together, I worked a bit later so I can finish early tomorrow, so we sat and watched a bit of TV. I have done more stitching, photo's next time.
Tonight I have one last job, after tea, I will give the kitchen an going over with my steamer, it makes every where so clean without cleaning products.
Tomorrow I finish work at 1pm, we will have Sam and Josh for the afternoon, they will have their presents from us to open, it's a tradition we have done for a few years. Later we are going out for a curry with both daughters and partners, I am driving so no drink for me, which I don't mind.
So here we are sliding into a Happy Christmas, I hope each of you spend time with those you love and your Christmas is happy, merry and bright. xx


  1. I've enjoyed a lovely catch up read here Marlene.
    Did you find out who left you the lovely white cyclamen plant, or is it still a secret gift?
    DH and I were lucky enough to be invited to the school nativity, such a precious time, they grow so quickly.
    Your diamond stitching is looking super, I do enjoy seeing this grow.
    Sending Christmas Blessings to you and the family, have a wonderful time. x

  2. Gosh flowers on the tree already?? Baking looks lovely. What a lovely thought about Pandora - I have the Pandora bangle which I love but no charms as yet and only want one on it. I sold my bracelet!! I can picture you all sat together chatting and laughing. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas xx

  3. I was supposed o do my kitchen floor with the steamer last night, but rather I sat on my fat bum and drank a festive chocolate baileys! Happy Christmas Eve! X

  4. What a lovely outing for you all. Enjoy your curry and have a wonderful festive time .xx

  5. Eleanor has a Pandora bracelet, I think the charms you can get to remind you of different events is such a lovely idea. I'd quite like a bracelet myself but my wedding, engagement and eternity rings are gold and I don't like mixing silver with them. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas.

  6. Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL Christmas Card.

    I was bad this year . . well, not really. We planned on doing our cards like normal, during the Thanksgiving Holiday the end of November. When I went to look for the cards, they were packed away and I have no idea what box they are in. So, I guess we will do Christmas Cards whenever we get moved and find the right box.

    Hope yours was happy. Ours was good . . perfect enough to warm my heart and last there for several days.



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