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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas tree

I'm feeling festive
got my presents wrapped
 I love my tree
it's our main and only large decoration
 No lights anywhere else inside 
It just glows in the corner of the sitting room. 
Last night on a very windy night, no rain for us in the south east, we went to a local Naval Base and enjoyed a Christmas Ball, all long frocks and mess dress or dinner jackets, the whole place was full of Christmas and looked magical. We stayed out to 1.30 this morning, with a lovely meal, which without fuss catered for Fliss, gluten free, hubby no cheese and me no nuts, which mean different food on one course for hubby and I, and Fliss's food cooked separate. We danced to Killer Queen, who were just brilliant, hubby loves Queen and these were the best tribute band we have seen.  I managed to dance on and off for 90 minutes, which was pure joy. We left Fliss and Jonathan to enjoy the rest of the party, I did not want to push my luck by overdoing things. Hubby and I came home to cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit.
Lazy day at home today, my knee's ache so not much walking.
I have checked the garden and all is OK, my summer flowers are now gone, the wind finished them off. We have decided not to put up Christmas lights in our garden this year, we normally only light the back garden.
So my task for today, get cards ready for posting tomorrow, add a few silk holly and ivy to the sitting room and stitch, with time for an afternoon rest.


  1. Your tree's lovely, our's isn't up yet, that's next weekend's job. Glad you had a good night last night, it sounds lots of fun and I love Queen's music too.

  2. Your tree looks lovely. Ours went up today.

  3. Your tree is absolutely beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. Enjoy your week, Pat

  4. I do like a bit of Queen played full blast while I am in the cabin, great music, no tree up here yet, I might give it some thought in a week or so :-)

  5. Your tree looks great, we have two but I'm losing the will to decorate the 2nd properly. Glad you had a good night x

  6. Your tree is lovely. What a festive night you must have had.

  7. What a gorgeous tree
    Julie xxxxxxx



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