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Friday, 4 December 2015

1st Friday in December

My 12 days of Christmas swap 
arrived today and look at this lovely stocking
what a great extra bonus
After work yesterday we popped out shopping, I required a pair of shoes for Saturday night, so we went to M&S, they always have what I am looking for, low heal party shoes. They had nothing, so we popped to a few shops, it looks as if this year party shoes only come with 3+ inch heals. On our final desperate search we went to TOP Shop ( I Know!) and got just what I was looking for, the bag came from Accessorize. The hope is to keep them and use them for daughters wedding in April. They are beautiful. 
 My dress is not new, it's about the third time I will wear it
the beads are new. 
We are going to a Christmas Ball at HMS Collingwood, we will see the group Killer Queen, which hubby is very happy about. Should be a lovely meal but a long night. We are hoping to get a good photo of us, it's been a while since we had a posh photo.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments regarding our health after earlier this week, we are now all much better, it really was not nice. I picked both Sam and Josh up from school on Wednesday, it was a cuddly evening, Sam and I watched new Bob the Builder on TV, poor Sam was tired. They are back to normal today and full of fun.
I have not done much stitching, but I have finished the book, I let you go by Clare Mackintosh, if you can get a copy it's a real good read and noted as my December good read.
I have presents to wrap tonight, I have just one small one to try and find for hubby, then I am finished. I do have cards to make, so that's a job for Sunday. I hope to have them all in the post by Monday, then we can relax and look forward to the holiday break, with out stress. We do have a couple of busy weeks in work and at home.


  1. Have a fabulous time, nice dress.

  2. Love the dress, I have collected party shoes over the years, silver gold, red black I am glad my feet dont grow anymore, have a great party night :-)

  3. What a lovely extra in your Twelve Days of Christmas swap, the stocking is really lovely. Gosh, you finished the book quickly, you must have enjoyed it. I think it's my favourite of the ones I've read this year, a real page turner.

  4. Your dress & shoes are both lovely, hope you have a good time x

  5. Have a great time. I love your shoes.



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