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Tuesday, 29 December 2015


I only had one book this year 
it is a good one, look Simon's cat up on you tube, great fun
 I have opened a few of my 12 days of Christmas and loving the little gift's, 
It is great fun, I hope Mary is enjoying her gifts. 
I will show what I sent to Mary later when they have all been opened.
 In this year's leftovers challenge I have made a turkey and cranberry pie
we made this before, the top is stuffing, very tasty hot.
Simple, moist and lovely
Our trip to Hobby craft and Haskins was cheap, I got a couple big candles at half price, and just a couple small crafting supplies in Hobby craft, I got two DMC threads, 1st time in ages I have got them in store, at almost a pound each, not at all cheap. No lovely Christmas fabric, no different tree ornaments. We spent the rest of the day home together, it's great to be doing so little.
My ethics are rubbing off on hubby, he has chosen a couple of cookery books he does not use to get rid of, it's a small start, but he is beginning to see my way of reducing what we own as a better life style.
The boys are here later, I will collect them just before 11am, we are having a play day, they can bring what they want, tomorrow they will travel to spend time with Grandma in Manchester and not back until 3rd. Hubby is on the golf course, both daughters are back to work today.


  1. That pie looks lovely, good idea to use stuffing as the topping. I was quite restrained in Hobbycraft too.....mainly because hubby was waiting outside in the car (the place was packed, there were no free parking spaces).

  2. I've seen a few cartoons of Simon's Cat, they are great.
    Your Turkey pie looks yummy. I made a sort of Shepherds pie yesterday with the turkey and stuffing, and added crumbled boiled potatoes (better than mash) added butter on the top, made them crunchy served with brussels and cranberry sauce.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Yes, Mary is loving her gifts - especially the knitted Christmas puddings!

  4. Yum, the pie looks delicious, what a great idea covering the top with stuffing. Glad you're enjoying the swap, I've received some lovely gifts too. I'm enjoying finding out what everyone's sent to each other.

  5. That stuffing topped pure sounds and looks scrummy! I've ordered my tapestry kit!! Can't wait! £50 on The Bothy website, £36 on good old Amazon! Which means I have a little Xmas money left over! Xx

  6. Pie looks lovely and quite different. I love Simons Cat - follow on Facebook. Hope you have a lovely day. I love decluttering now!

  7. My granddaughter and I were watching Simons cat on YouTube just thus afternoon when she was here for some play time. She loves it....

  8. Your leftovers sound very good. Enjoy the time with the boys!

  9. I had the same Simon's Cat book from my husband. I love the way the characters have developed over the years. Jx



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