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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Money real and saved.

We are not opening the jar this year
we are hoping to fill it again in time for next Christmas

I did my 12 days of Christmas
12 things from my office to a charity shop

1; Cotton reels and pin cushion (unwanted gift)
2; Onyx eggs x3
3; Skipping rope 
4; Leather purse
5; Photo frames x3 (1 unwanted gift)
6; Poster frames x3
7; Pretty tin (unwanted gift)
8; Flower pot (unwanted gift)
9; Nana poem in frame
10; Wife poem in frame
11; Snowman ornament
12; Loads of little stand for plates and frames.

Most of the items came from my big storage drawer,  it's nice now as I don't have loads of stuff in there. It was a shame to have so many unwanted gift's, but hopefully they will end up with some one who will love them, the decluttering is so rewarding in many ways. 

We have watched so many different programes on TV regarding Christmas and the extravagances or lack of funds people have, the difference between them are unbelievable, I would not want to be so rich I have to find weird things to buy, reindeer tarts with a ruby nose (is that just stupid to me), we have both given to charities this Christmas , it's easy to forget how lucky we are, we have our health, family, a warm house and the Christmas we want. So whilst we are having a family time, we are avoiding all the extra's, eliminating as much waste as we can.

We have just a final food shop to do, we have £38.00 in Nectar points, £50.00 of Waitrose vouchers and £50.00 vouchers from Co-op. We will pop to Sainsbury's to pick up a few cupboard store items tomorrow. Later in the week hubby will go to Waitrose to get veg and last minute things. The Co-op vouchers we plan to keep to the New Year. 

The garden is so bare at this time, this is from my back seating area, next door has finally cut back their shrubs along the fence, they are still high but not above the top of the fence.  I was down this end, putting more food out for the birds and squirrels, we are not hanging things in the tree this winter, something s digging up our lawn.
We are enjoying another weekend without going into town, so no crowds, no panic and no loud Christmas music.
Sam was brilliant yesterday, we walked to our village to take the items to the charity shop, which confused Sam, but he did find a nice ambulance car with working lights for 50p, he was offered to choose another, but was happy with just the one car.
My brother did not have the greatest of weekends, his car played up just as he arrived on Friday, he left it at ours and called out Green Flag today, who was able to repair the car, but had to wait 90 minutes for the part. Martin started the drive home, felt the car was still playing up came back to ours and recalled the mechanic, who then had to get Martin and the car taken home.
PS like so many others I lost a few followers over the past two days, I am still amazed you all follow my twittering on about any and every thing.


  1. I have a stash of nectar points to use. My garden is as equally bare but my huge fuchsia bush is still in full flower like it was August!!

  2. Those Ruby Reindeer tarts I am sure breech health and safety, I would much rather be one of those with less rather than have so much I would be spending £485 on 1 tart :-)

  3. Your garden still looks nice. Like you we avoided the Christmas rush again this weekend. Think we watched the same programme - a star for the tree which cost more than I think I'd need to retire and have a good life!!!

  4. That's strange, you are the third blog I read to lose followers and I am included in that loosing four followers, someone said perhaps blogger are having a tidy up......

    We just a simple roast dinner at Christmas, our treat is to have it on our laps in front of the TV!
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. So many people spend for the sake of it at Christmas. I do try to think of others who are less fortunate, Christmas can be a very hard and sad time for people who are struggling with money or those who have no family. I've heard a few people mention losing followers recently, I don't think my count's gone down, though it may have done as it isn't something I look at all that often.

  6. I plan to have a declutter over the Christmas break and give things to a charity shop or freecycle them. That's a good amount of vouchers to have amassed, well done.

  7. I think your garden looks nice, it's so neat and tidy.

    That's a fantastic amount of vouchers and points, really useful for the end/start of the year.



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