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Monday, 28 December 2015

Some where in between

Christmas day was fun for the boys
Lego featured in loads of forms.
 I have managed to stitch, but I did pack it away for Christmas, the plan was not to see it until after today, but boxing day I had the itch, so whilst hubby was watching a film, I sneaked it back by my chair. 
 My stitching is being blamed by a couple of bloggers as a reason for them to start projects, I hope they realise how addictive it is and how much it can cost. On the other hand it's loads of fun and very rewarding. I stitch so much, I always look for a large project, I have a box of smaller piece, ready for any use. Most of what I stitch, ends up in my work box, or I give it away, I love the stitching but don't want to fill my house with framed work. This will be a cushion for the sitting room, I would like to make another using the same colours but a different design. Both designs came from this book which I love, I designed how I should use them.
We enjoyed a lovely walk along the coast on Boxing day, it was dry but very windy, I love to see the sea when it's rough, from the safety of the land (standing well back), the crashing waves are fascinating, lazy rest of the day at home.
Yesterday was another lazy day, we had a second helping of soup, with one serving left, both hubby and I love the way we use our left overs. I sorted the nibble mountain, and packed away a couple of tins of biscuits both have very good dates on them.  Josh and Sam popped in with daddy, so we cut our Christmas cake, it was moist and tasty, hubby was very pleased. The boys helped eat some of the opened biscuits. Later we went to see Star Wars with youngest daughter Su and David, did I enjoy it, was it worth the cost of going, we watched in 3D which made it different, but I felt the story line was a repeat of things gone on before, and a true boy's film.
Today we are popping out, 1st visit to the shops, Hobbycraft 1st, I am looking for something to allow me to stick my small cut shapes to cards, I also want some shiny fun Christmas material. Next door is Haskin's and their Christmas sale is on, most of my tree ornaments have been purchased in sales, I don't need anything, but a wander around will probably bring home a couple of the expensive items if they are reduced. But no frenzied impulse buying.


  1. I haven't done any crafting at all over Christmas but I did receive a new cross stitch kit as a gift which I'll be starting on soon. We've had a very lazy Christmas, haven't ventured to the shops at all. I hope you found some bargains today.

  2. Not blame - inspiration!!! And the cost - well, we have to keep the economy afloat! Although I'm so not ready to do my own designs!! I'm going to need printed colour by numbers stuff!!

  3. Glad that you had a good Christmas! Your stitching is beautiful isn't it! xx

  4. Lego seems to ave been high on lots of lists this year.
    Your patchwork is looking superb

  5. Love to shop the after Christmas sales. I never need or want anything but it i fun to see what is available.



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