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Tuesday 16 April 2024

Sunshine and sandals

 Friday, Saturday and Sunday I wore sandals they were sunny warm days, I'm back in socks and shoes now the cooler weather is back, I do love having my toes out, hopefully the warm days will return soon. It was so good for my soul to sit outside listen and watch the tiny birds, slowly relaxing for more than one day.
Saturday we had a BBQ, daughter came with her 3 children, daddy was working, 1st BBQ of the year is special, and we could all sit around our new bigger table. Hubby has a new spot to cook from as we use the new garden layout, still loads of room for the children to run about. We sat outside for ages, listening to the little ones laughter, Will checked out my wildlife ponds and agreed they looked good, still waiting for frogs. 
The tulips in my cider jar are looking good, the two red ones have been blooming for days, I can't wait for the others to bloom, these were a pack of mixed colour frilly ones, planted with some tall snowdrops. The tulips have done much better than the snowdrops, this photo is taken from the back of the garden, it sits behind the railings in my veg section, but can be clearly seen from the house and our seating area.
Molly randomly asked mummy if she could ride a horse, we don't know where she got the idea from, we don't have any interaction with horses. So she had a trial on a lovely Shetland pony, she patted and brushed the pony before riding. Quickly daughter could see Molly was not enjoying herself, and when Dinky did a poo whilst she was riding, Molly was very unhappy, she does not want another go.
I have finished importing all my post for 2022 into my book, it is a lot of work, I do enjoy the process, 183 pages, I did 168 post, so a few went over 2 pages, I have checked the placing of headers, titles and dates, to ensure they are all looking right, I have also checked the spelling. Now I need to read each page and have a final check of the layout and it will be ready for printing, which won't happen until they offer a great discount, normally in November on Black Friday.

Every day I do a bit outside in our garden and say that's it for now, and the following day I find more to do, Friday I did loads outside, we had lunch outside enjoying the sunshine, Saturday was a day off, family time, they went home just after 3pm, so relaxing time for hubby and I. Sunday I did not do much outside, a short time was spent in my greenhouse, the rest of the day was on here and knitting, I have finished one side of the jacket. Monday was another day at home, we did not pop into town, back to another wet blustery day and much cooler, I did some housework in the morning and I chatted with my sister in the afternoon, we often chat on a Monday.

I have an aching back again, a mixture of gardening and playing with George and Molly, and just for a change I have another cough, which is irritating me already, I hope I can shift it quickly. We are now half way through April, how quickly this month and year is going, days seam long and leisurely, but weeks, months fly by. 


  1. It seems that riding is not on the cards for Molly. It is a bit disconcerting when the animal you're sitting astride relieves itself so unselfconsciously.

  2. Mummy is not bothered, riding is an expensive hobby.

  3. Sandals are great for going long walks in the Spring and Summer.

  4. Well at least Molly gave it a go 😉
    Today it's very windy, we've also sunshine and hail so far.
    Very brave to get your sandals out, lol, I'm still in socks.

  5. Well done on having your first BBQ of the year :)

    All the best Jan

  6. Good for Molly giving it a try. How lovely to have the first BBQ of the year with such lovely weather.

    God bless.

  7. Well done with your first BBQ, a lovely outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Arh bless her, Molly did well trying but as it is an expensive hobby, maybe the parents got off lightly there x

  8. It feels so good to get feet into sandals doesn't it. Hopefully we will get lots more better weather. Poor Molly, at least she gave it a go even if she did decide it wasn't for her.



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