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Sunday 21 April 2024

Inside out

 This past week has mainly been dry, loads of blue skies and even sunshine, but the icy cold wind has made everywhere except my greenhouse feel really cold. My pots with geraniums and begonias which I over winter inside my cool greenhouse are growing again this year, it's still far to early to pop them outside, I still have my covers on the begonias, to get them growing a bit earlier.

I have taken the plastic cover off my little greenhouse, now it's a shelving unit, it worked well through the cooler months, I have cucumber, pepper plants on top shelf, and the flowering plant I cut in half, now two plants, 2nd shelf are my calendula seedlings, 3rd shelf all the bedding plants I purchased and potted up, 

I have bedding plant seeds on top level of my staging, and salad and herbs on lower level, there are 6 cauliflower plants I am growing on, as yet I have no room to plant them, I have leeks and spare runner beans in the deep planter. I only ever use the top two levels here for plants, it gives me enough space, the rest is storage of trays and other useful items and stones and gravel underneath, this is the sunny side of my greenhouse. 
I have planted out my runner beans in my raised bed, I had sown them in deep plug trays and the roots were all coming out the bottoms, they look healthy and strong, so I have taken a chance with them. I have 5 small plants as backup, I don't think we will get any more frost here, our nights are warm, it's a couple weeks early, only time will tell. This bed has broccoli in the middle, parsnip's and beetroot either side and space at the end for 2 cucumbers. I must have left a few tiny  potatoes in the ground, I have a few sprouting, they can stay, hopefully a cheeky harvest, the whole bed has a net over to stop the pigeons. 

The cold wind kept us inside most of the week, my cough, whilst not as bad as before is irritating in the day time and keeps me and hubby awake at night, so I'm not very happy at this point. Saturday was a warm day, we were both outside most of the day, I sorted some of my seedlings, and started a few more flower seeds, I had to reconfigure my nets on my veg bed after planting the beans. My broad beans have tiny pods, I watered both veg beds, it's been a dry windy week, so they needed a good soak.

My back is still sore, I am using my potting table in the garage for storage, I purchased a builder mixing tray, which keeps all my mess together, but bending or even kneeling  does not help, it's like having a big mixing tray, and works perfectly other than an aching back. 

Today we have been invited to a neighbours BBQ, we will pop around for an hour, there are always a nice mix of people there. It will be nice to sit in a different garden, where I'm not looking at things to do.

I will do a craft, book and family post next time, at this time of year so much of my time and this blog is all about the garden and with veg beds this spring, I have more than ever too do, which is OK, because I love to garden. 


  1. It's good to see strong, healthy plants growing, especially if you've grown them from seed.
    I hope this cold wind goes away soon.

  2. You have been very busy in the garden and greenhouse. It still very cold in the evenings and early mornings here in West Cork.

    1. We should be safe here along the south coast, but I will be watching weather reports, just in case.

  3. You've got lots of lovely plants growing. I hope you enjoy your neighbour's BBQ. I'm spending time in the garden today, it's lovely.

  4. At the moment it is a case of trying to find enough space for all the seedlings that have germinated. I hope you have a bumper harvest with all the flowers and veg you have grown. Enjoy the BBQ with your neighbours.

  5. I’m sorry about the anonymous post but I can’t seem to log in! This is Jill from emeraldcottage.blogspot.co.uk
    Sorry to hear about your back, hope you get some relief soon. All your plants look wonderful : I have got the opposite of green fingers, I always kill everything!

  6. There has been a cooler wind recently ...
    I hope you enjoyed the BBQ with your neighbours.

    All the best Jan

  7. Your greenhouse makes me so very envious. I will be getting some bedding plants from our youngest son, but will still have to purchase way too many.
    Enjoy the BBQ.

    God bless.

  8. Your greenhouse is well stocked... now the wonderful weather can come.
    I wish you much joy and success in your garden.
    The marigolds have spread widely in my garden this spring, so I will mostly leave them standing and spread them around the garden too.
    Many greetings to you. I look forward to your craft contribution. Get well soon with that nasty cough.
    A hug to you.

    1. I'm hoping my planting this year of different plants, will have more self seeders here.

  9. As Northsider said, you have been busy in your greenhouse and out in the garden too. Surely, May will herald great growing conditions. I should be inspired by this blogpost but my enthusiasm for gardening has waned in recent years. Fortunately, my wife still has passion for the work and of course the magic too.

  10. Wow, your greenhouse looks so productive! Especially compared to mine, lol. Thank you for the tour, so many good ideas here. Hopefully, mine will be finished and look more like yours early next spring.



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