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Friday 26 April 2024


 After suffering with backache potting on my seedlings last week, I decided I needed to use my potting tray, it's been in the greenhouse for years on my bench, I moved plants around to make the space usable. I sorted my leek seedings into one per unit and had no issues with my back. It was lovely to be inside the warm space, surrounded with plants. I will need to start moving things outside soon.

My runner bean plants are doing well, they have stayed looking strong and even got a bit of growth. My beetroot seeds have sprouted, no sign of the parsnip's yet, the small pot has 2 cauliflower plants in, I'm trying something different.. Our broad beans have small pods on, they have been in the ground since last autumn, the onions growing down the middle are looking good. 

My two buckets with carrots in are both doing well, not sown at the same time, so at different stages, I have another pack of seed to sow, probably early next month, we both love small carrots. This season I have purchased better brands of seeds in hope I get the harvest I want. My bucket with peas in have shoots, I was not going to grow any as they take up room and frozen peas are so cheap to buy, I am using another spare big bucket. 

The tulips are on their last showing, the wind will finish them off, these white ones are very tall, the frilly ones in my cider jar have lovely mixed colours. I am definitely going to find more for next spring, their blooms have been a joy in the past month. Both these pots can be seen from my chair, they are positioned well. 

I don't have much to do outside, everything is up to date, my growing area is so small, it's easy to keep on top of everything. It's a case of watching everything grow, the nets are keeping the pigeons off the new plants, the only item letting me down is a yellow tomato plant, it's just stopped growing, I might just purchase a plant. Once the white tulips have finished and their leaves die back, I will dig out the bulbs and reset the pot for my big tomato plant, it should grow well in that spot, it's a sunny spot, it's in a big pot in the greenhouse for now. 

My bedding plants are all coming along well, I will soon need to plant the purchased plug plants I have grown on, my potted seedlings are filling out. I did order some plug plants offline, due to me last week from a big name supplier, I complained I had not had a delivery date and was informed, they are not ready to be sent, so why say delivery is within 5 working days of my order, I have no idea when I might see them, it's a plant I've not seen locally. 

Wednesday daughter and Molly came for a visit, we walked to our local bistro for lunch, Molly is waking most days just after 5am, daughter has tried everything to keep her in bed, she is waking both brothers, which is far to early for them, we hoped lunch out would be a nice treat for daughter. Thursday we popped to a different nursery, the owner does deliveries of compost, grit and other stuff in our area every Friday evening, so it was good to go and look at his plants, a few came home with me, great prices and good quality plants.


  1. My seedlings seem to be taking a long time to grow this year. Good to see your vegetables pictures.

  2. Your veg raised beds are looking really healthy Marlene, you're going to have some lovely crops.

  3. Oh you have been a busy bee and appear to be on top of your gardening duties - ticking off tasks in a timely way. I am sorry to admit that I have become a lazy gardener even though I have oodles of time to spare. Has Molly got blackout curtains in her room?

  4. It all looks so very organised and tidy!

  5. All proceeding swimmingly. Well done:-)

  6. Isn't the watching the best part though? Everything looks beautiful.

  7. Everything looks wonderful - I have not sown any seeds this year, too much going on at the moment but I might sow a few annuals and a courgette when we get back home and hope they grow quickly enough to plant out at the end of May or beginning of June.

  8. Your raised beds are looking really good. I'm thinking about putting one in for next year, we have the space I just need to be sure I want to put the time and effort. I have some carrot seeds I need to buy some sort of container to put them in.
    I remember when my kids went through a phase of getting up at stupid o clock, it makes for a long day.

  9. Everything looks so good, you are very organised.

    All the best Jan

  10. We can't plant here until the third week of May due to late frosts (we are to get one this week) so I am loving your pictures.

    God bless.

  11. It is good to work inside the greenhouse at the moment and I understand the back pain with all the pricking out we gardeners have to do. Looks like everthing is going well in flower and vegetable production.



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