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Saturday 6 April 2024

Another week

 If I was asked about tulips, I would have said, I'm not fond of them, they rot in our heavy clay soil, last year I got a few packs for different tubs and I have really enjoyed their colour this spring, these in my cider jar have still to open, I have forgot what colour they are, a nice surprise to come. So maybe later this year more will be purchased to add colour to the garden next spring. 

I adore the colours in this trio of acers, I trim them each year so they don't get huge, I love them in this big tub, it's a perfect spot in the garden for them. They can be seen from the house and add colour here at the back of the garden. My bird bath alpine plants have started to come back, tiny flowers soon. The azalea below is also about to bloom.

This is my success story, purchased as a twig many years ago for 99p, it sat in a pot where my trio live, when it outgrew the pot, we decided to give it a space in the garden, not an easy choice in a small garden. We love it here, again I am learning and I have trimmed it last year, it's nicer kept smaller. 
Spring is showing itself in the flowers in bloom, I love snakes-head fritillary, these in this pot will be placed in the ground soon, bluebells are just starting to flower and the lovely camassia, another blue flower, I do also have some white flowers, finally a bleeding heart, I forgot where I had planted it, it's beside the hellebore, it's doing OK, so I'm not going to move it. 

It's been a strange week, most days I've been to our local hospital, so daughter gets to have a lunch, do some shopping, even get a shower, the children's ward caters for their parents as well. I can see loads of improvement in George, his chest sounds much better, and hopefully the medication will sort the virus which he has as well as the chest infection. 

Thursday we had dentists, I needed a bit of work, we both booked hygienist and had to pay 50% up front, not a cheap morning, even with our NHS practice. I have some huge decisions to make, the damage to my gums caused by chemo back in 2010, when  all my teeth became loose, is now pressing me to decide the way forward, I'm pleased with myself as I was told in 2011 my teeth would not last, implants at over £7,000, is not an option not only the cost, but also my the gum damage, makes the option not viable, for now I can manage, but soon.

Friday George came home, he still has alot of healing to do, I had not planed to visit but daughter called, it was lovely to see Will and Molly, I did finally manage a good night's sleep, I had been worried for George and not sleeping. It was a dry and sunny day, I did get an hour outside in the garden, just sweeping and sorting, the seeds are not doing as well as I wanted in the greenhouse. 

No plans for the weekend, it's promised windy, dry and warm, no sun, I would be happy with dry, normally at this time of year I am starting to wear sandals, but no chance yet, still in warm clothes. I hate to wish the days away, but some warm dry sunny days would be super nice. 


  1. Great plant photos. We had a Bleeding Heart but I think it must have died. It's hard to believe that the Sycamore is a relation of the wonderful Acer.

  2. Your acers look beautiful. We can't grow them here - I don't know why.
    I'm glad to hear George is home again - he'll be much happier in his own surroundings.

  3. Glad George is on the mend, it's such a worry when children are ill. Lovely photos of your plants

  4. I have not had any luck with Tulips. Pleased to hear George is improving.

  5. Lovely to see the plants and flowers in your garden.
    So pleased to read that George is back home now.

    All the best Jan

  6. I always enjoy looking at your flower pictures. As I said before your garden is beautiful. I am so glad that George is improving.

    God bless.

  7. Glad to hear that George is back home and feeling a bit better. I too would like a bit of warmer weather. It's that in between seasons period, when you don't know what to wear. I just want to get all the winter woolies put away, but I daren't just yet.

  8. I'm glad George was well enough to come home on Friday and wish him a speedy recovery. What a worry for all the family. I grew a couple of pots of tulips in my greenhouse this year and they have been so bright and cheerful and safe from all the wind and rain we have had. Thinking of you as you make some dental decisions- not nice.



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