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Monday 1 April 2024


 Easter here is again with family, we had loads of fun on our egg hunt, in warm sunshine, we ate lunch inside and spent the rest of the day outside, the children having plenty of space to play. Molly and George share everything, so their eggs were placed together, one each.

Will was very happy with his haul a mixture of chocolate and fruit chews, he searched for his in the veg section of the garden, Molly and George had dairy free chocolate, so they hunted around the flower beds, all three enjoyed their hunts.
Hubby like myself enjoy having the children in our garden, here he is playing with Molly, both wearing rabbit ears, loads of laughter and fun.

We are extremely lucky as Grandma and Grandpa were away, so again we had daughter, SIL and the little ones here for a egg hunt and lunch. They are making a family day on Easter Monday, more fun for the little ones, and no cooking for mummy.

The long weekend started with George at the doctors, he has been a few times in the past weeks, he has a rash and cold, which simply won't go away. He came to ours on Thursday, and quickly his temperature rose and he was again not well, her doctors called for an ambulance to send him to local hospital, they would not allow daughter to drive him. After loads of test including meningitis hours on the children's ward, he had fluids and medication through a cannula,  he was a brave boy. Rather than keep him in, the decision was made to leave in the cannula and daughter to take him for the next 3 days for medications. He hated the cannula and the huge bandage on his hand and was upset, it's gone now, but he is still not well.

We had turkey and pork for lunch, best roast for ages, little ones did not eat much, too much chocolate before. They stayed until late afternoon, the younger two were both tired going home, time for a snack, bath and bed, both immediately fell asleep quickly. We had the evening together, watching a thunder storm and loads of rain, we were so lucky to have a perfect Sunday.

My brother Martin is down, he is spending a couple of days with his daughter, SIL and grandson, he will be back here later today for a couple more days, nothing planned, rest and relax.

Today is another sunny start, rain is promised later, the difference to waking up to blue sunny skies is wonderful, having two dry days is perfection, I shall pop out for an hour soon, one small job to finish. 


  1. Happy Easter 🐣 Such a worry for everyone with dear little George’s recurring health problems. Our weather in southern Victoria has been similar to yours (although a bit warmer)clear, mild days and this afternoon a thunderstorm and much needed rain, as we’ve had none since mid January.I have spent a couple of days, tidying up my garden and getting ready for winterBest wishes

  2. I lover the rabbit ears! Poor George, he doesn't look very happy, poor little soul. Hope he's soon well again.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely Easter. Sorry George hasn't been well. I hope he's feeling better soon. I've loved having a bit of sunshine today and dry weather for a couple of days. I agree that it makes such a difference.

  4. Happy Easter, Marlene! It sounds like you and the family had a lovely time, and you were lucky to be blessed with some good weather.
    I'm sorry to hear George has been unwell. I hope they get to the bottom of whatever is making him feel this way. Xx

  5. Glad the Easter egg hunt went well and was so much fun for everyone. Poor George, I hope he is feeling better.

  6. I do like the rabbit ears, and the Egg hunt looks and sounds fun.
    Do hope George feels better soon.

    All the best Jan

  7. What a lovely way to spend Easter, egg hunts and fun with the grandchildren.

    God bless.

  8. Happy Easter. Our blogs store our special days.



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