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Wednesday 24 April 2024


 I got myself 4 good books to read from the local charity shop, this one was gripping, I do like her style of writing, with police officers from other books and stories, it's not part of a set, each book is a stand alone story. This was very clever and built from almost nothing until the crime along with others were solved, always with a twist or two, a brilliant final chapter. Book 25 read this year.

Another good book, very different, it's set in UK not USA, days gone by, no mobile phones, it's a chase, there are two different people after them, one they know, who is the other, the plot unwound as the days passed. A very easy read, not up to the standard of her usual plots. Book 26 read this year. I have done more knitting one front side is done, the dark yarn is not great to knit with, I've not looked at my cross stitch.

Both Molly and George do loads of interesting things at home, most of these task are for George to help with his coordination and skills, but Molly loves to play as well, learning is always so much better when it's fun. Molly is almost 3 years old, George is 5 later this year. I help mummy as much as I can, it's a hard time when your younger child is overtaking and Georges disability is showing. He is a clever little boy and with an older brother Will and Molly, he is always included and picks things up well, with their help his talking is getting much better.

It's a much better time for me, the cough is almost gone, just at night and not too bad, hubby caught it, but he has got rid of his, so we are both happier. Grace is sleeping most of the day and all night, she is only eating her wet food, over the weekend she was in the garden with us enjoying the warm sunshine, she is fading before us, not in any discomfort. Every morning I go to check on my runner beans, which are doing well, they have not faded in any way and are upright and healthy, phew, hoping here I have got away with the early planting. We are not doing much this week, the weather is again dull and cool, no plans before Friday, so a lazy ish week.

Sunday our BBQ at our neighbours turned into a drink in the garden, his coal BBQ would not stay alight, so we left before the food was ready, as always a lovely mix of people to chat to, nice music and loads of sunshine, these are the neighbour at the bottom of our garden.

Monday we had friends in for afternoon tea, they were on their way back from Cornwall, going to East Sussex, and had a break in driving with us, we have not seen them since our trip to London in December, hubby made a marmalade cake and chocolate brownies as a treat, a couple hours catching up, whilst it tried to rain outside.

Locally there are loads of happy people, Pompey, Portsmouth Football club have just won their league, and will go up to the champions league in the new season, in this area if you love football you are either red (Southampton) or blue (Portsmouth), here it's mainly blue.  


  1. Good to read the runner beans are thriving. We dined alfresco on the patio on Monday evening.

    1. I just wish the weather would decide if it's spring or still winter.

  2. It's sad when our beloved pets get old. Grace has got to a good age and it's good that she's not ill in any way, just old. Glad to hear your cough is finally going, they last ages, don't they.

  3. Sorry to hear your cat is slowly deteriorating. At least she is not ill and suffering. Hopefully, she will go peacefully when the time comes. You are very good to read so many books. I should read more. I rarely reach for a book these days.

  4. Grace is a really good age but it's still sad to see them decline.
    Nice to see the children playing together and I'm glad to hear you are feeling better too.

  5. That's a lovely picture of Molly and George playing together ...

    All the best Jan

  6. I am sorry that your fur baby is not doing well. Those creatures hold a special place in our hearts.

    What a lovely photo of Molly and George.

    God bless.

  7. Well done Pompey football club. I have to support you because my dad came from there. He would be so happy.
    Lovely pic of Molly and George together.
    Glad the cough is much better.



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