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Sunday 24 March 2024

Theres no place like home.

I got the bargain of the month off local Facebook market place, all three packs for £5, these sell at £5 each pack on the site I use, I had been looking for a mixture of greens, as I didn't have natural shades. I held back from ordering them as I would need to pay postage on top. I'm sure the pinks will get used, I can make more flowers. 
These blooms are again stunning, I love the colours, most of my house plants don't flower, I love the leaf textures and shades of green inside. This sits in our downstairs bathroom and even without blooms looks lovely, daughter gave me the pot for a birthday present a few years ago. I've seen an unusual plant I want to get, called a  Albuca bracteata, or a pregnant onion, I've ordered from here.
 Another brilliant author, I don't know why but I struggled with the first couple of chapters, after that it was good, a clever story of friendship and pushing limits, how our minds work and how we perceive things, until the epilogue, which threw me, weird to say the least. It's not put me off the author. Book 23 read this year.
My SIL had this bag of yarn, she had started knitting and struggled, she offered me the yarn to use, but I promised I would knit her pattern for her, she is very happy, it does not look to difficult and I'm happy to make it for her. The yarn is super chunky, with big needles, so it will grow quickly, it is dark, but I do have a good crafting lamp.
We have in our dining room a camera, which we can view from our phones, I have always checked in our our cats when away, Grace was OK the first couple of days, but on Thursday evening and Friday morning, she was sitting on our TV unit, not a place she normally sits. She was very vocal when we got back, it has only been two weeks since Purdy went, so maybe a bit too soon to leave her, but everything had been booked for ages. She had tin tuna when we arrived home, and then went for a long nap. 

We walked to the village shops on Friday afternoon to get a few bits of fresh food, then I was sat reading, I wanted to do a few bits, but Grace wanted me, she sat on my lap for ages, so I gave in and read. It was very grey and dull and much cooler, no rain thank goodness, I want to redo my wildlife pond, the water is not staying in the pond liner, so it will be easier to take it apart and relay it, I will move a couple of grasses there as well.

Saturday was bright sunshine first thing, the laundry was on the line blowing, I had thought I would be outside, but the wind was bitter, I did manage to dead head the daffodils, and potter in the garage, I'm  a fair weather gardener. We had showers later, so other then popping to village for some veg, we stayed warm and snug inside, and again with me having Grace on my lap. 

Today we have nothing planned, it should be cold and dry, so I'm not sure how much time I will spend outside, I've had a later start to the day, catching up on sleep missed whilst away, no plans, so a lazy day. I've just had an email, my needle-felting course booked for next Friday has been cancelled, that's a shame, I was looking forward to it. 


  1. The yarn was a real bargain - well done. The pregnant onion is intriguing, perhaps not the most attractive plant, but well worth investigating.
    We have an internal camera in our sitting room - it's satisfying to be able to check what's going on while away. Grace seems to be needing more comfort since Purdy went, poor girl.

  2. You got a real bargain from FB, it's always good to have a look there if you want anything. The cardigan for your SIL should knit up quickly, I like the colour.
    Mark is going to make a start on my wild life pond next weekend, I've bought a plastic barrel from the Range, much cheaper option than the one I was looking at on Amazon.
    Aww poor Grace is probably missing Purdy, Molly got more needy when we lost Molly, they must wonder what's happened when one goes :(

  3. What pretty colours in your bags of roving(?) Is that for needle felting? Your cactus is beautiful. That bulky yarn sure has nice stitch definition..hope you post pictures when the cardigan is finished.

    1. Yes, it's yarn before it is spun into knitting yarn.

  4. You certainly got a bargain from FB, quite a good range of colours.
    We enjoyed a sunny day today but the wind was quite chilly.
    Not sure what the weather forecast for the coming week will bring, we shall see :)

    All the best Jan

  5. What a great deal on the yarn. I am sure you will find something to use the pinks up.

    God bless.

  6. The course I applied for, to start in April was also cancelled until September. It's disappointing when you are potentially looking forward to it, but to be honest the timing wasn't the best, as we have lots of things going on at the moment. I hope your course gets re-scheduled or you find another one.



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