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Thursday 11 April 2024

Little things

George is much better and went to nursery on Monday and today, Molly has been very clingy to mummy and us, which is OK, she is still young, she acts much older until something upsets her, then we remember her age. They popped over to play in our garden, this space is made for children to play, my makeshift greenhouse door works well as a gate to keep them out of my end of the garden, it's real purpose was a clothes airer, which had brackets to hang on a wall.

 Grace has changed so much in the last month, she is now very vocal, every time she wakes up she wails, both hubby and I are ensuring we are home as much as we can be, so Grace has company, she follows me everywhere, wailing until I sit down so she can get on my lap. She is not eating much dried food, so we are feeding her wet food twice a day, she is a small cat and as always, skinny, I have started brushing her every couple of days, she is not cleaning herself so well, she dribbles when she is sleeping. We are now fearing the worse, each morning we check her basket for signs of life, she will be 20 next month, we have been at this point before and she came back stronger. 

Inside the greenhouse things are growing, from my own seeds, to smaller plants purchased in strips, now in bigger pots, as I call them geraniums and begonias coming back, I've cut my bougainvillea back in hope it regrows this summer. It's full in here, but it's my happy place, my chair is back here, I can hide in here for ages. It's the first place I check each morning, looking through the glass in hope all is well, I don't mind it messy in here as I fill the space with growing things. 

The weather is all over the place again, after a dry sunny weekend, where the warmth of the sun was so good, and the rain showers fewer, again the temperature has dropped and the wind is strong and loads of storms, it's so difficult to know what to wear each morning, loads of layers. The high tide and stormy weather on Monday night caused flooding on local roads, all nearer to the coast, we have not had local flooding for years, we are just 10 minutes walk from the water, far enough for us to be safe. The wind whilst strong has done no damage locally and our garden is OK, our Magnolia has lost most of the blooms. Yesterday was again cold wet and grey, I did walk to our village market, loads of lovely plants, but he has put his prices up and he's not great value anymore, even our pet shop had nothing new in.

On a wet afternoon I decided to sort my paperwork drawer, I have all my personal bits in one place, hubby sorted the household folder a while ago, mine was overdue, I disposed of MOT, and tax from 10 to 20 years old, and loads of receipts and booklets for things I no longer have, anything newer I refiled, I do feel much better to have it done. I working on my 2022 book, I'm importing my last month, then a couple of checks and it will be ready for any good publishing discounts, I will then start on 2023. 

I've finished the back on my knitting, but no other crafting, the garden is calling, even with everything sorted, I can find things to do, in the evenings Grace is sat on my lap, so I'm not doing much, not even reading, often I am tired after being outside all day. I did manage to get some house work done, I still need a spring clean throughout.


  1. Your greenhouse is much more organised than my polytunnel. I live in organised chaos.

    1. I am one of those irritating tidy people, who is married to another, my mum always said, 'everything in it's place' growing up in a house with 9 children and 3 adults, we all had our space. Old habits don't die.

  2. 20 is such a very good age for a cat, but I understand your trepidation.
    Do you think Molly was unsettled by George being in hospital? It takes a while to settle again.

  3. Hello! This is my first visit to your blog so I have some catching up to do.
    I should say, though, that I am pleased to read that George is home and feeling better.

    1. George is full of beans again, but it is horrible having a sick child.

  4. Love the idea of being able to sit in the greenhouse with all the plants around. That is where I'd be to! The yard and garden is definitely calling now, as we've had a few days of warm sunshine, and have got a few early chores done. The crafting is on the back burner here as well.

  5. 20yrs is a wonderful age for a cat, I do hope Grace will be okay.

    Pleased to read that George was able to go back to nursery after his stay in hospital. It must be upsetting for all the family when that happens so it is understandable Molly getting a little clingy.

    I can't believe tomorrow is Friday, the week has passed by very quickly.

    All the best Jan

  6. Your furry friend sounds like our Shania. She reached the age of 21 (almost 22) and was always a tiny, skinny creature. The last year of her life she could no longer jump up onto the couch to sit beside Harvey. He would lift her up and she would cuddle right in.

    Your green house looks lovely. So well organized.

    God bless.

  7. Grace is probably missing Purdy, I think it's always sad when they lose a companion. Bless her. Glad to hear that George is doing better now.

  8. I don't blame you for spending your time in the garden. It's so relaxing. I'm looking forward to getting our garden how we'd like it, so that we can just enjoy it.

  9. Awww poor Grace, we can't ever know how much our remaining pet miss their companions when they have gone. She is a good age but it doesn't make it any easier when we can see them declining, fingers crossed she rallies in the next couple of days, she is a very good age.
    Glad George is feeling better.

  10. Your greenhouse looks as if it’s productive! I’ve inherited a smaller greenhouse than I had in our old garden and I constantly visit and stare at the Gabriel Ash greenhouses, having seen them ‘ in the flesh’ at The RHS Hampton Court Flower Show’. I think they are about as expensive as a small house! LOL! What have you sown for this year?
    Meanwhile, everything in my garden is still very soggy! They say that the reservoirs are full...I should think so! Have a happy weekend. Sal 😁

  11. I don't have a green house here, but I check out of my French doors to see the garden first every morning.



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