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Thursday 4 April 2024

Back outside

I purchased this white Jasmine from Asda for just £2, I thought it would fill a gap along the back fence, I picked a nice looking plant, plenty of new growth. Finding a spot to plant it I thought would be an issue, but I realised I could move this middle paver forward to match the one in front and have enough space for the roots, I have the temporary green little fence to protect it, this is a working area. I just hope it grows up the back fence now. 
Kirt has new plants for his hair, I used the grass in the pond section of the garden, it was getting too big for him, hubby chose these, they should be very colourful and very different, I'm not a person who likes to keep moving plants around, but it will be nice to see something different. 
I also got 2 alpine plants for this square pot, I have been looking for something different, I did not want anything which would grow too tall, I was looking for plants which stay green, these will have tiny white tinged with pink flowers, so a very different look.
I got this plant in Wales, I've never seen one before, I don't know if it's a bulb or plant, I love the tiny blue flowers. This year I will keep it in a pot, I will look it up on line for the care instructions.

It was nice to have some dry sunny days over the weekend, but with the return of the rain, the weather is keeping us inside, my fake grass walkways makes it easy to get outside as they drain well and not at all muddy. The broad beans are full of flowers, I'm watching for any sign of pods forming, I don't have anything else in the raised beds, hopefully I will get to plant more in the coming weeks.

My seeds in the greenhouse are mixed, some are further on that others, the tomatoes and cucumbers are all doing well, I have sown some different herbs, I am watching for my runner beans to sprout. The potatoes in two bags are doing well, as is my carrots being grown in tubs. 

Thank you for all your comments regarding George, he will always have a weakness in his chest, his oxygen levels drop at night, mummy (daughter) is very tired as she was waking through the night checking on him. Sadly he was back into hospital on Tuesday late afternoon, his oxygen levels fell again quickly, he has been on oxygen ever since, loads more test, which they can compare to his test results from Thursday, it's such a worry.  I am spending time with George,  which allows mummy to shower go for a meal and not worry about him, his is a nanas boy, I was lucky to be with him when the music lady visited his bed, he loved the instruments, and was happy to play along. Our local hospital is just brilliant, it's a shame A&E suffers from the same issues as every other HNS hospital. I'm back in visiting again today, daddy is looking after Will and Molly, George has improved today, so hopefullythey will allow him back home.


  1. The jasmine was a bargain. They grow well in pots and troughs if you can't plant them in the ground.

  2. I hope George can soon go home, poor little lad. He's so lucky to have you close by.

  3. Kirt is looking good with the new plants for his hair, and I like the blue plant you got from Wales.

    Poor George, I do hope he will be able to go home soon.

    All the best Jan

  4. Lovely plants, your garden is a wonderous place. I am glad to read that George is improved and that he enjoyed the music lady's visit.

    God bless.

  5. Those ipheion are gorgeous. Love blue flowers. Well, love blue anything! Great progress on the garden stuff. Looking forward to seeing it in it's full glory, later in the season!
    Sure hope little George has pulled through, and is back at home.

  6. Sorry to hear that little George had to go back into hospital. It must be such a worry for you all. I hope they get to the bottom of it and can help him feel better.



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