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Monday 8 April 2024

Green weekend

I have been working on my second veg bed, it's had covers on it since it was built last year, I weeded it added some mushroom compost and then planted a row of broccoli, I know these plants are close together, I'm hoping they stay small as it's only for hubby, either side I have seeds, parsnip's and beetroot, along the outside I will have runner beans and at this end a couple cucumber plants.  
I had been looking unsuccessfully for local courses to learn how to weave hazel or willow, I have always wanted a low fence around both veg beds, hubby searched online and found these, each is 1 meter long, our beds are 2 meters by 1 meter, so perfect. The hoops are from our old round garden table, hubby has broken it down and I nicked them, perfect for keeping the nets at a decent height, I do love a recycle. 

 I planted my 2 lupins which are now huge, and a white aster in the red rose bed, they should fill the back section with the foxglove and Alcea, all grow tall and full. The front of this bed will be bedding plants, if my seeds start to grow, I've not used old seeds and I'm using good compost, so why they don't shoot is beyond me, probably lack of sunshine. I have used the dreaded slug pellets in this bed, I've tried other natural products, but they did not work, and after the cost and effort to grow these, I don't want to lose them.

Saturday was the most perfect day, I had a lay in, I'm still catching up on my sleep, we walked to the village, I popped books back to the library. The local pet shop had their trays of bedding plants, at £1.40 for 4 to 7 or 8 plants, great value, I got 4 trays, these I will pot on, and plant out once they are much bigger. I only have a begonia corm left to plant, it's for my cider jar, but the tulips are about to bloom, so it can wait a few weeks. I worked in a T shirt all the time outside, the breeze as promised was warm, we had lunch outside with a well earnt cider shandy, we were in by mid-afternoon as the rain threatened, nice early shower and a treat of pizza for tea, followed by an early night. 

Sunday after stripping our bed and remaking it, the morning was lazy, laundry on the line, blowing itself dry, the sunshine coming through the window called me outside, I have potted up the strips of bedding plants I purchased, they will be ready to go outside in a few weeks, the runner beans are now growing, I was worried, now I'm happy, my greenhouse is full. I moved the red rose from the side bed to the back bed, it's just not thriving, moving another plant to the raised flower bed, I added some good compost in hope the rose grows in its new spot. I feel good, completely up to date outside, all I need to a good clean inside the house. Our Molly and George  visited in afternoon,  and played outside for ages, load of giggles and laughter, perfection.

I sorted my seeds, loads free with the subscription to a garden magazine and passed them to our friend and neighbour for her new raised beds, it was good to share them.  


  1. The weather's warming up a little now so those seedlings and plants should come on apace. It's a lovely time of year when everything springs into growth.

  2. Everything is coming on beautifully and all your hard work is being rewarded.

  3. The woven surrounds for your raised beds look so good, they really finish them off nicely.

  4. My slug pubs (beer filled plastic takeaway trays) are working a treat in the raised bed in the polytunnel. I am also scattering crushed eggs shells about to make it uncomfortable for the slugs and snails.

  5. The weekend weather certainly enabled you to get a nice lot done in the garden.

    All the best Jan

  6. Hopefully all your hard work in the garden and greenhouse will pay off and you will have lots of lovely flowers and vegetables to enjoy. Happy gardening, Marlene.

  7. I can hardly wait until I can hang things on our lines.... Still need to warm up a bit more.

    God bless.



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