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Tuesday 30 April 2024

April roundup

 Another expensive month, hubby found the ready made willow woven panels for the veg beds at a great price, they were not needed, a complete luxury, plus more house plants and plants for flower bed. I have promised hubby I will cut back on my spending for the garden, the past few months have been expensive, with soil, bulbs, seeds and structural bits, our garden does look good. Nothing on crafting, it's outside garden time mostly here. I have not added the new garden table on my spending as hubby purchased it, I would have kept our old table longer.

I have spent on clothes, I got 2 T shirts from M&S, some pants, and a fleece, which I had been looking for and was on sale, I don't often see a fleece without a hood which I do not like. 

We also had the cost of the final vet bill for Grace.

My composter is full again, using our kitchen waste which is raw veg peeling, without onion or peppers, adding teabags, ground coffee, and more garden waste, we again only purchase what food we need, and ensure we use it, we don't often find out of date items, we have a good system in fridge and pantry.

My weight is back up, fat certainly clings as I get older, my steps are better and without all the chocolate from Easter life is settling down, sadly few walks as again the weather is unkind.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about Grace. Sending hugs.

  2. With no craft spending on your list, I think you are vindicated for your garden spending (and the bonus of a lovely garden is priceless) xx

  3. Yes, our recent wet weather hasn't made walking pleasant.
    I'm hoping May will bring some sunshine.

    All the best Jan

  4. We have already started spending on the yard and garden, something I did not plan for this past month. Next month will be pricey as we will need soil, some flower pots and the plants themselves. I am hoping to plant some carrots in a container this year though, and Kris gave us a few annual flowers and the eggplants.

    God bless.



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