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Thursday 14 July 2016

Pretty and clever

 Garden is looking good
it's that time of year where I don't have loads to do

 We had a tree surgeon in yesterday
so this beautiful Magnolia is neat and small again
I have been struggling to keep our cats out of the greenhouse
hubby is unable to build me a door with a mesh center
but locally he got this wall clothes dryer
 Added a couple of hooks
perfect, just a bit smaller then the door
Plus is was on sale for just £5.00
and is weather proof
I have done nothing for the past week, not even read a book, the most I have done in the garden is a bit of dead heading and picking cucumbers.
Work is very intense, we are clearing all the problems which have been stored up, and with a new system we have had to work out ways to finish up all the difficult claims. We are almost there, I was given a list of 1200+ claims to look at today, I have broken them down into smaller modules, and when checking most are in pipelines, so tomorrow I hope to move loads along.
It's nice to come home to a warm sunny evening, I really hope it last to  and into the weekend.


  1. That's a great idea to keep the cats out of the greenhouse, very inventive. Your garden is looking lovely.

  2. Your DH is very clever! I hope you have a lovely warm and sunny week-end to enjoy your pretty yard!

  3. great idea on the solution for keeping the cats out of the greenhouse! where there's a will, there's a way!



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