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Tuesday, 28 February 2023

February round up

On craft and garden it's another low spend month, other than the yarn for hubby's lap blanket, I've been using my own stash, in truth I've spent most of my time on the blanket. Hubby purchased plants for his front garden, I don't add his purchases to my stash list, I got only 1 small house plant and 3 bulbs in bloom.

I did get some exercise leggings, which are much nicer to wear to Pilates and a jumper, no reason for it, other than I loved the design.

It is always expensive in Feb, the car needs Tax, insurance and MOT, and this year a service, can't be helped, but we do save for it throughout the year. Our insurance was only £6 more than last year, the service and MOT was less than we had saved, and tax is only £30, so whilst expensive, not too horrendous. 

Again no food waste, with portions sizes worked out, and being able to purchase only what we need for veg and meat, hubby now produces a menu each week, so everything to working well. We are using the butchers more, he is more expensive, but we purchase only the amount we need, he cut us some lamb chunks, and trimmed most of the fat off, so paying for only what we eat, the supermarket lamb has far too much fat, which we pay for and them remove. We do portion all our supermarket meats into 'our' size packs, even trimming chicken breast, giving us another meal from the pack. 

Steps were about the same as last month, the weight still clings, I am not really trying very hard at this time, not enough excise, I should be walking twice a day, but instead I sit and craft. Pilates is making me feel better, I am starting to do a home session on a Monday, I spoke to our tutor and she suggested I do our 1st routine. Hubby has expanded his bread and cake recipes, none are bad for us, but they do add to the calories, much better than the manufactured ones, at least I am not putting any weight on. 


  1. Having put on a couple of pounds over Christmas, I'm not putting anymore on, but neither am I losing it. When it's cold and frosty, we just want to eat carby things, so more difficult to lose weight. I'll have to make a big effort when the weather warms up.

  2. It's a hard time of year to lose weight, the weather isn't always conducive to getting out for a walk and we tend to eat more stodgier foods than say a salad which we'd eat in warmer weather. I've still got chocolates hanging around from Christmas too.

  3. I feel a bit podgy at the moment. I haven't actually gained weight but lack of exercise is making me sluggish. Roll on spring when we can get out for a walk and be relaxed rather than hunched up against the wind and the cold ❄️😩

  4. A friend of mine goes to a Pilates class which she really enjoys, she keeps saying I should try it, but I haven't done so yet !

    As March is almost upon us I wish you a happy new month.

    All the best Jan

  5. Since the beginning of Covid I have managed to put back on all the weight I lost in the year before. Grrr. Hopefully with the coming of spring I can start to loose some of it.

    You did well in your February spending.

    God bless.

  6. Well done keeping your spending in check. I desperately need to do more exercise. I've fallen off the exercise wagon since starting this job and need to get back on.

  7. You have a very interesting and helpful blog. Keep it up!



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