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Tuesday, 4 October 2022


I have not done anything much on this cross stitch project, I did finish the plain colour in the top box, I find the plain colours hard, they show every mistake so I'm being careful not to twist, or pull to tight or too loose. I'm just glad I got it done, I have not brought it with me to daughters house, cross stitch and young ones don't mix.
I did bring my socks, I have finished the first sock, and in truth they won't be a favourite pair. I can't decide if I should give them away, I will make my decision once the pair is completed. I have used this brand before, it does wash well.
I love the shades, but I don't like the mixture with big and thin stripes, I wish it was just one or the other. The heels are knitted on a contrast yarn.
My steps are at the highest they have been for ages doing the school run is good for me, over 10 thousand each week day, weekend we did very little, I still want my daughter to rest. I will have to find a plan to stay walking, sadly Will's school is not close to our home, it would have been lovely to keep doing the drop off and pick up.

I'm on my second week of nana duties, my daughter is healing well, she is amazing, her 3 children are lovely, they all understand mummy can't do things and to ask nana. I forgot how much energy is needed for the school run every day, luckily I don't need to take the younger two with me every day, they happily play at home with mummy. Having 1 to 1 time with Will is fun, he is so interesting. I can rest once I'm back home, I am just happy to be able to help, daddy returns early next week, and can do all the school and nursery runs. Hubby has promised restful days with nothing to do. My brother Martin visited for a long weekend, he stayed at ours with hubby, they both had far too much fun without me, I love they get on so well together.

I'm feeling much better, I still have the dregs of a cough and cold and my voice is still not fully recovered, or maybe the younger ones have given me new bugs. I do have to book another blood test, I went to mine and after 3 attempts the nurse at our surgery did not take any blood, she does not fill me with confidence,  she struggled  last time I saw her, she also insisted I have a dressing on my hand, I'm allergic to the adhesive on plasters, but she insisted,  I removed it as soon as I left the room. I don't want to travel to our local hospital for a blood test, but if I see the same nurse again, I might have to ask to avoid her. It's not totally her, after my chemo treatment in 2010, my viens are tough and often moves, so it's never easy to get my blood. Our lovely nurse retired earlier this year, she was very experienced and always got what we needed, luckily I'm not bothered by needles.

Apparently its sober October, already failed had a glass of Presecco on Saturday 1st, Oh well. Our DIL ran the London marathon last Sunday, she finished in under 5 hours, we are immensely proud of her, it's a tough challenge.


  1. Your craft projects are beautiful. So colourful.

  2. A glass of Prosecco on Saturday sounds good to me. A friend and I very often sit with a glass of wine whilst enjoying Strictly :)

    All the best Jan

  3. You always have such lovely projects on the go. I am glad that your daughter is recovering well.

    God bless.



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