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Friday 30 September 2022

September roundup

Almost nothing spent on gardening and craft, I was hoping to not spend at all, but September is a busy month replacing summer bedding plants and a new bin for leaf mulch. I already have a few things required in October, so any savings will be used up quickly. 

Low spend no spend September is over, how did we do, on food shopping locally much better, we decided to do our Asda shop on 1st day, hoping for a true showing of our spending. Sadly with two unplanned family visits our food bill was higher than expected. One weekend we had two takeaways, neither planned, but whilst daughter was in hospital we were looking after the little ones, and by the time bed time was finished it was too late to cook. As for other stuff, we needed so very little, we already have been using what we have, we make very few impulse purchases. We do need to try for more no spend days. I spent nothing on clothes or shoes. I think I can't call it a success, September is a busy month, loads going on and for us not a great month. On the plus, with hubby sorting the garage, he has sold lots of things no longer required and some bike stuff. 

We have again been so good on food waste, only peeling have been composted, our portion sizes work so we don't waste food once cooked. My sister asked for a beef stew, which hubby made, the leftovers he added veg to and blended, we now have thick broths in the freezer, ready for the cooler months. 

My weight is down again, I am now lighter than the start of the year, with having so little energy, I was not walking much, I had almost ground to a halt. My 'cold' has helped, I've not been hungry and without taste, food quickly loses its appeal. The time at my daughters house has boosted my steps to 10,000 plus each day, I will work hard to keep this going once I'm back home, small wins is the way ahead.


  1. We're struggling with portion sizes at the moment since LB went off to Uni. I'm still cooking too much at times, but I'll get a handle on it eventually.

  2. Portion sizes sometimes defeat me. I get back to cooking for 2 and then the sons come home, and I lose that and cook for more than 4 even.

    God bless.

  3. I like that idea of whizzing up leftover stew to make a future soup :)

  4. "thick broths in the freezer, ready for the cooler months" sounds good :)

    All the best Jan

  5. I don't think I would be able to manage a no spend month, although I do have a good many no spend days within a month. I don't over buy on food anymore, I only buy what Is going to be used that week, i've come to realise how little food we actually need. I'm not good at portion control and I always cook too much veg, if I cook a roast on a sunday I now save any leftovers and make soup, it does me for Monday tea and Tuesday dinner.
    Hope you are feeling better now



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