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Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Books and thoughts

 I have had this book since 19th October 2017, it's been a fun, clever thing to do, it has space for you to record answers to the same daily question for 5 years. It was purchased as a bit of fun, but I tried to ensure it was done probably weekly rather than daily.
Most days I answered the questions, occasionally some more defined was written, some things can not be just forgotten. Now its finished I will leave it on my bookcase, maybe for others to find in years to come. I have another book called Dear Mum, which I am starting to focus on now.
Baking on wet days over the past weekend left me with plenty of stitching time, I filled the space on the left of the purple roses using more patterns from the same designer. I then did a simple red design to complete the top line, I'm not sure about the design, but it will stay. The top line is completely straight, it looks wonky, but it's just the way the fabric sits in my frame. I have started a last minute addition, I loved this small design. The green motif is placed in a central position for a special addition, I am adding loads more to this project. 

I have been thinking about my blog books, I am behind, working on 2020, I am struggling, reading my words as Covid was devastating our world, normally I work on the previous year to have it printed in November, when the printers have their best deals. I do want to print a few more years, so Molly our youngest grandchild and only grand daughter is featured, I do often look through a book, I love to see the photo's and it's a great way to look back on our changing garden and home. I am making a promise to myself to continue working on 2020 and get it finished by the end of the year.

I have been working on the book for hubby, I have been sorting photos from my blog in date order, I have added them to the book and will add photos from hubby's Facebook. I have an idea on how it should look, very few words, maybe just events and trips taken with dates. We have already got a few gifts, seeing things at a good price and purchasing them, and spreading the cost. 

Had fun in sign group on Tuesday, we are learning multi channel signs, using one sign for a saying, ie, grin and bear it, I'm not bothered, it's fun and will help in conversations. I do like 'not bothered', I might start using it loads. I have almost finished knitting my second sock, just the toe shaping to do, then I plan to sew in all the ends for both pairs, after I will cast on a pair for SIL for Christmas,  that's the last pair needed this year, not necessarily the last pair I will make.

Daughter is due this afternoon with all 3 grandchildren, if the house survives, and us both, we will need an early night, going to spend an hour outside this morning. 


  1. That journal looks interesting. I shall look into that!

  2. I hope you get your blog book finished ready for November. They must make a wonderful collection of family history :)

  3. Have fun with your family! And enjoy the peace when they leave !

  4. Enjoy being with your family. We plan on going and spending a couple of days with our youngest next week. I wish we could go and visit the oldest but a nine-hour drive in the beginning of a Canadian prairie winter is a bit much for us right now.

    Your stitching is lovely as always.

    God bless.



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