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Friday, 7 October 2022

Finish and a start

 My socks are finished, I still don't like them, they fit well, so I will keep and wear them, in hope that under trousers they won't look so mixed up. It was very easy to match the patterns, which made the socks very quick to make.

I pulled these colours together a week ago, at the time I was not sure if I would finish the pair above, I'm using some of my stash, these colours were purchased to mix and match, the mixed colour ball is leftover from another pair. 

The warmer weather has fooled my garden into thinking it should be growing again, I have unexpected colour, which is lovely. Hubby is looking at our Magonlia tree, it does need a trim both mulch dustbins are empty, so everythingis in place for the trim, which hubby will shred before storing.

I popped home Monday and Wednesday, when all three children are in nursery or school, I always walk around my garden, noting changes and normally making notes of things which need sorting. Hubby has been busy, jobs done, house clean.

I am really tired, this week has been long, both little ones had appointments, so we have done more, I am sleeping well, but my nana duties are catching up with me. Daughter us now driving, but only locally, she us still not lifting the little ones, only a few more days and I will be home again. All three children are in bed by just after 7pm, so evenings have been restful. It has been so much fun, the children have each been lovely, Molly has just started walking, George is busy doing new things, almost every day they show how clever they can be. Picking Will up from school is fun, he retains so much information, he does amaze me with what he knows.

I am making plans for the next few weeks, I have 3 Christmas cakes to bake, the greenhouse needs an afternoon to tidy and swap a few things around, I can't stand mess and I have a few extra things from the shed in there. I hope my sewing machine will be out a few days  I have Christmas advent bags to finish and Georges dungarees to make. I did pull out my Christmas fabric stash, which is getting smaller, I am thinking of taking apart all the tiny christmas cushions I have made in previous years and stitching them into one larger cushion.

I have been using my phone whilst away and blogger is not letting me make comments on anyone's post, I'm signed in, so it should work, typical blogger. 


  1. I too like your socks :)

    All the best Jan

  2. Blogger on my phone drove me absolutely bonkers. So I am glad that I got the WIFI up and running on my laptop once again. I also got it up on my mini computer that uses the television as the computer screen.

    Your garden looks lovely as usual. I am glad you are enjoying your time with the grandchildren and your daughter is healing well.

    God bless.

  3. I have problems with blogger too sometimes. It keeps making me Anon when I try to comment and then it all works properly again!!
    I'm not surprised you are tired after all your nana duties but some lovely time spent with the grandchildren. Hope your daughter recovers quickly.
    Christmas cake. Yikes, is it that time already?

  4. Yes "Nanna duties " are both beautiful and tiring . ..wouldn't miss it for the world though ! Feeling blessed ! 🧡



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