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Friday, 28 October 2022

Garden delights

What is going on outside, so much colour everywhere, this raised bed outside my backdoor has fuchsias in, summer plants, the blooms are stunning. 
In the side bed, the salvia hotlips have gone mad, I did cut them back, but this mild wet weather is perfect growing conditions, there are bedding plants along the front still in bloom. My nerines are not so good, I think adding mulch to the soil has left them a bit too deep to grow well, a few have come through. 
Outside the greenhouse, this begonia has been stunning for weeks, the small tub, I though was going over, but again loads of new growth. 
By the steps to the greenhouse along the garage wall, my grasses are doing well in the sink, the geranium I moved from my small raised bed to a huge pot is loving this position, the trio of acers, I have trimmed back as I don't want them to grow too huge. 
In the corner of my big raised bed, in front of the greenhouse, again another fuchsia doing well tumbling over the front, the plant at the back, another fuchsia, I have just moved from a pot to here, in hope it fills this corner, this plant grows up higher than the front plant, should be colourful next year. 
Even in my rose bed, summer plants have new flowers, the bed is full of leaves dropping from the jungle next door. 
The star of the garden is my acer, it is doing so well in this spot, the leaves are such a beautiful mix of colours, and not dropping yet.
On my metal table outside the patio doors just 2 pots, but plenty of colour. The solar lights are still lighting each night.
This is a tender plant, it's Cape gooseberry, it had completely died back and suddenly loads of new growth. Its a truly weird season, in a good way.

We are loving all the colour outside, hubby is picking up leaves every other day, our Magnolia tree is not dropping leaves yet, hubby did cut loads off the top, the tree looks much better, all the bits have been shredded and in one of my mulch bins, which is almost full. My compost bin is full again, I will need to dig out the bottom, I don't have much commercial compost left, I hope to not have to purchase any next year. We have had loads of rain, the ground is wet but not water logged, even on our heavy clay the water soaks down, our area does not flood often, so everywhere dries quickly. 

The house was full of toys on Wednesday, Molly emptied the two toy buckets and the book box, Will played cars and soldiers , George was at nursery. Once they all went home and the toys picked up there was very little mess, we were both extremely tired and had an early night. I popped to daughters house to see George on Thursday, just an hour of play and cuddles, and loads of kisses.

Today I have yet another blood test, the doctor is unwilling to say all is well with me, I'm not feeling ill, but I don't feel right, I just wish we could work out the issue. Later if it's dry I intend to sort a few big pots outside, nothing feels better than working outside.


  1. Your garden might be behaving strangely this season, but isn't it great it is still giving you so much enjoyment? Hope you find out soon what is ailing you. All the best, Mxx

  2. How wonderful that you still have all that colour. Love your garden.

    God bless.

  3. Sorry to hear that you're still not feeling 'right'. I hope you get some answers soon. Your garden is beautiful as always. I love cape gooseberries. I grew one many years ago and love eating the fruit.



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